Friday, January 24, 2014

Papercut Artwork by #MadebyLai

I make it a point to give my parents something really memorable and unique for their birthdays and anniversaries. A few years ago, Tish and I created an AVP for Dad's birthday, last year I created a photobook (printed on matte paper and hardbound) for each parent that documented all of our travels together, and even before fan-signs became popular, I had people hold fan-signs/birthday greetings for Dad.

My parents are 60+ years old and they do deserve something special every year, wouldn't you agree? For their 33rd wedding anniversary last January 10, I commissioned a papercut artwork from Lai. Lai is one of the most creative people I know, and the sweetest, too!

We gladly worked on the concept together, I gave some elements to work with and my preferred colors. It took two weeks to make, and Lai was very responsive and showed me her progress often.

And a few days before my parents' wedding anniversary, this lovely package arrived:

This was better than what I envisioned! This masterpiece was painstakingly sketched, then cut, and hand painted by Lai herself. Absolutely beautiful!

My Mom (a former banker) loves to bake and she does it for a living now, hence the baking utensils in the artwork. My Dad is a Physician which explains the medical equipment, and I had to sneak in an eagle because he's from ADMU and he's very attached to that symbol, haha. 

Of course, I just had to include a plane because we've traveled to so many places together and it's the thing we look forward to every year. And yes, my sister works for an airline company, too.

I requested for a replica of the artwork so my Dad can display this in his clinic while the original one stays at home.

I love working with Lai that I commissioned another papercut artwork for my Mama (grandma) shortly after I got these. Will post it soon!

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  1. I have a friend who does this too! Ganda no, very personal and unique. Planning for one for a special occasion too :)

  2. This is definitely a labor of love! Just imagining the hours it took for Lai to painstakingly cut out each detail, and her numb hands, oh my god. So galing! Feels good to support our local artists <3

  3. So pretty! I appreciate labor-intensive art because everything nowadays is easy and instant. This looks really well-made!

  4. So do I! Always happy to support local artists, and I've known Lai for years now -- she's always been so talented. Even her college friends (who coincidentally became my bloggers friends) attested that even during her years in MMA CSB, she's always been the crafty one :D

  5. That is just beautiful! Thanks for the recommendation, I have bookmarked her. :)