Wednesday, January 15, 2014


I am writing this while in the hospital watching over our Mama who just had a mastectomy. Amidst all the stress and worries that loomed over our family for several days, the worst is now over. Mama (my paternal grandmother) has just undergone surgery. I will be staying at the hospital overnight along with some cousins to watch over her. There is a sort of solemn calmness in the room. We are relieved, but we know there is much to be done.

On a lighter note, if you've been following me on Instagram you'll see that I got a new puppy! Although I wan't intent on getting a new puppy right away, come Christmastime my Dad arrived in Manila and said he had brought home a long-haired Chihuahua.

He was barely 2 months old, tiny, and very energetic. He was very cute, but I didn't feel any attachment initially. I somehow felt that I was betraying Pnut because I got a dog right away. My Dad said one of his breeder friends was leaving the country and couldn't take care of the puppy anymore. Dad offered to take him to Manila, and the rest is history. (PS: He was given to us for free)

I named him Epsilon, after Muntz's chef dog in the movie "Up."

When Epsilon arrived, Komiki's reaction was not too good -- she was terribly jealous of Epsilon and wouldn't play with him. She would even bully him sometimes. Additionally, Komiki would vie for more attention and started to follow us everywhere -- even in the bathroom! Komiki never does that as she always keeps to herself and is usually just happy sleeping on the couch.

After a few weeks, Komiki finally warmed up to Epsilon and started chasing and playing with him in the sala. Now they're inseparable! Komiki is like Epsilon's Ate and the latter eagerly follows her everywhere and even mimics her actions. While feeding them one time, Epsilon would stop midway and look at Komiki. If Komiki was eating, he'd continue to eat, too. So cute, right?

As SOP, we also had Epsilon checked by the vet and we discovered that Epsilon was underweight and his sugar blood level was high. Apparently he was weaned early on and didn't get enough nutrients from his mom. His previous owner used to give him puppy kibble and Cerelac (!) and the latter was terribly high in sugar! The vet advised me to feed him Club Junior kibble and Esbilac milk replacement for proper nourishment and weight management.

Now, Epsilon is already 3 months old! He's very energetic (too energetic at times!) and already weighs a pound! He barks and whines when I leave for work as I usually leave him in the kennel when I leave the house. He is too tiny and too fragile that he might get into an accident or the other dogs might step on him if left loose at home.

Today was a milestone. As I let Epsilon roam around our small garden, I called his name and he looked at me! How awesome! He knows his name already :) In the photo above, you can see him look straight at me while I called out his name. I am such a proud pet parent!

And of course, I wouldn't end this post without a photo of my baby Komiki (click to read all about her transformation). I miss them both every day when I leave for work, and I'm so excited whenever I see them at the end of the day :)

Epsilon says hi to all my blog readers :) 


  1. OMG! Epsilon is so cute! So is Komiki (first time to see her, btw) Doggies <3

  2. - it's nice to see another little one added to your family! ;) epsilon's a cutie! I would love to get a small dog but I have 4 big ones who might step on the little one, haha! ;)

  3. Cute! I wish your Mama well.

  4. Komiki is so cute! What do you call her haircut style?

  5. Fellow dog lovers unite! Your babies are so cute!!

  6. Hi Epsilon! He's so cuute! <3

  7. I just ask the groomer to shave everything off and leave about an inch of hair :) And then the hair grows wonderfully! Does Charlie have silky or fluffy hair? Komiki's is silky :)

  8. Thanks, Pat! :) When we meet, let's gush about out furbabies <3

  9. Thank you! I'm so excited to bring him to places when he's a bit older :)