Friday, November 22, 2013

My Colorwash Experience

Okay, first things first. I don't own any designer bags, haha. I just don't invest in them, but my sister does! And she swears by Colorwash Serendra branch.

A few months ago, she let me "borrow" her Coach Patchwork Quilted bag which I found to be the cutest. I used it everyday for work (que horror) until it became too dirty. The suede parts rubbed against my skin and some of the hairs on the leopard print fabric were starting to come off. By late October, it was time to bring it to Colorwash.

After a quick consultation and inspection of the bag, I checked it in for cleaning and [slight] repairs. I was advised to come back in a week. I was so excited...but was so busy at the same time so I asked my sister to pick it up instead.

Oooh, it's like unwrapping a present! Let's check out the before and after:

Granting, the "before" photos were taken using an iPhone 4 (office indoor setting) while the "after" photos were taken using my Canon G-12 (natural light). Still, you can't deny that the Coach bag looks cleaner and the colors are more vibrant.

According to the receipt and checklist Colorwash gave me, they cannot guarantee that they can restore the suede material to its former glory. I blame my carelessness and therefore had realistic expectations, but I was really glad that the suede is now cleaner and lighter. Most of the dirt came off, plus the hardware is now polished to perfection.

I was most worried about the leopard print fabric but they really can't do anything about it. The hairs came off and the print was mostly rubbed off. I'm just glad that it's clean now.

Another thing Colorwash discovered is the screw to the bolt came loose and good thing it fell into the side pocket, I'm very thankful they found it and screwed it back on.

Overall, I'm very happy with the service and I've been recommending Colorwash to all my friends. The staff is always so happy to see us (mostly because my sister is a suki already) and is always, always very accommodating. I paid Php 2,300 for my small Coach bag, my sister pays Php 2,600 for her LV Neverfull.

My bag is not only free of dirt and oils, but it is also disinfected and deodorized. My bag is so clean I think I'll keep it that way for one more week before I use it, haha :)

Have you tried Colorwash? 
Please share your experiences in the comments!

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  1. Kira! You should invest in at least 1 leather bag :)

  2. Maybe I should, no? Kaso di pang-leather bag ang personality ko :D

  3. Me, too! And leather bags are sometimes too heavy! Although I realized that I need at least one especially when it's raining (easier to clean).

  4. That's my concern, I can't carry heavy bags because I get chest pains after. Ang payat ko di ba, haha. And I pack too much stuff in my bag kaya the Le Pliage was the ideal bag for a while because it was waterproof and was so light.

    I liked this leather bag by AVA and Tweetie De Leon but the berry color is sold out, I don't like orange naman :-s

  5. mygorgeouspinkcheeksNovember 22, 2013 at 9:06 PM

    Gosh, I need to go here asap. My LV Neverfull (Monogram) super dirty na, as in di ko na ginagamit dahil ang tsaka, haha. Sana okay din yung sa Shang.

  6. I am from Kamuning, QC :) If it is not so nakakahiya, if by any chance you come across such events like free neuter/ spay, hehehe...pls do share it :) teehee...

  7. Ang galing! Almost good as new. :D

  8. Suede is very hard to take care of, and you can't get it wet! But I'm glad to know there are professional cleaners for bags and shoes here in the Philippines.

  9. Same. Big bag person here. I don't think I'll survive if I'm still commuting with the bags I have right now.

    Ooh, I think I've seen that AVA bag. Try shopping din sa Kate Spade. Their leather bags are not that heavy :)

  10. Hi Aviva! You won my Kate Moss giveaway! :) Please email me at hello[at] :)