Saturday, November 9, 2013

My Aromatherapy Swedish Massage at Ki by Neo Day Spa

Is it just me or is November just really a crazy, crazy month? I can't wait to go on a vacation, you know? I really need to clear my head and relax a bit. For the time being, a good massage every weekend has sort of become my guilty pleasure. I really have these tight knots on my right shoulder (it's been there for years) and thanks to constant walking and commuting, my calves are sore and are in dire need of a good massaging, too.

I recently received an invite to try some services over at Ki by Neo Day Spa and I immediately jumped at the opportunity. This was to be my first visit since I rarely find myself in the Greenhills area.

The spa will be a challenge to spot for first-timers, Alex and I missed the signage and ended up going around Wilson street several times. Here's a tip: Once you turn towards Wilson, keep your eyes peeled for the huge Ki by Neo Day Spa banner on the right side, it's the first block after the corner and the building is where Dita Sandico Ong's showroom is. Does that make sense? Let me know if my directions are accurate!

Side note: I was able to converse with the owner, Cecil, who is also a huge pet lover. We talked about Pnut (of course!) and how she never got another dog after her Shih Tzu, SanMig, passed away a few years ago. I told her that I sometimes feel the same way -- that getting another dog would be like "betraying" Pnut, and it seems I would never get over Pnut's demise. To which Cecil advised, only you will know when the time is right. You will feel it. Awww... *Kira cries*.

Their Ginger Tea is delish! I had two mugs :)
Albeit small, Ki is a very serene spa and has strict quiet zones (mobile phones must be on silent mode and clients must speak in hushed voices); the staff was very accommodating and courteous, too. After a quick sip of their invigorating ginger tea, I was led to the showers and my room through a series of maze-like passageways. In my head, I was wondering if our Scream Park will feature mazes and narrow passageways as well...I shudder at the thought.

I decided to try the Swedish Aromatherapy Massage for my first treatment mainly to ease tension in my legs and back. After showering, my masseuse (Sharon), ushered me into my room and started my 120-minute Swedish Massage.

Ki's Swedish massage involved a combination of acupressure, kneading and long strokes, and also a little bit of stretching. As she started to massage my leg, I immediately dozed off! I was so relaxed. Her pressure was impressively consistent all throughout (two hours is definitely a long time and would tire anyone out, I imagine), and I experienced only minor soreness on my right shoulder afterwards. Soreness after a massage is normal for me, but I know some spas tend to overdo it. Sharon used a woodsy-scented oil (which to my nose smells like Bergamot) for added relaxation.

I should also keep a mental note and remind the masseuse not to give me a head massage because all head massages give me headache, I had to take a pill afterwards towards dinnertime to ease it.

couples room
reflexology area
Alex and I after our treatments
If you want to escape the stress of work even for a few hours, then head to Ki by Neo Day Spa. I will be back next week to try one of their newest treatments. So stay tuned for that!

Ki by Neo Day Spa
35 Wilson Street corner Washington Street, Greenhills West, San Juan City

Telephone: +63 (02) 5846789, +63 (02) 5846066
Operating Hours: Daily from 1pm to 11pm

Neo Day Spa - Bonifacio Global City
G/F Net One Center Building, 26th Street corner 3rd Avenue, Bonifacio Global City
Telephone: +63 (02) 8158233, +63 (02) 8156948
Operating Hours: Daily from 1pm to 11pm


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