Sunday, November 17, 2013

Komiki's New Lease on Life

For 3 weeks I've been deeply considering switching to the vet that my friend has been recommending ever since she learned about Pnut's passing. Part of me is just too lazy to switch to a new vet altogether, yet another part of me is constantly nagging telling me to get a move on. So last Saturday, I woke up early (something that I try to not do on weekends because, hey, it's the weekend!), got ready, prepared Komiki and headed to Dogs N Us.

I spoke with Dra. Olive Inocencio who was apparently expecting me since my friend, Ijin, had previously told her about Pnut's condition. I explained that that reason I wanted to switch was that I needed a vet that was close by in case there would be any emergencies.

I told Dra. Olive about Pnut's sickness, the symptoms he showed years prior, and how I wasn't able to reach him that afternoon he passed away. I was advised that that moment I saw him contort, I should've brought him in for a full check up as he might have had a liver disease early on. She said that Pnut's sickness could have progressed slowly, over the years, resulting to an increase in blood toxicity, distention of the kidney which led to the bloating, etc. It was painful for me to think that Pnut has been suffering all these years, and I cried (my heart is still heavy with guilt and regret) because I was really so sad that I had no idea and was unable to help him. When Pnut turned 5, I was so focused on preventing rheuma or patella luxation that I wasn't aware of the risks of kidney and liver diseases because I thought he was such a healthy Chihuahua and was well taken care of.

She explained everything in medical terms (I love it when people explain everything to me, ignorance is not bliss!) which helped me accept the fact that Pnut's passing was probably for the best. At least, he's not suffering anymore. Dra. Olive also told me, "That's the irony of life, [we take care of our pets but they won't live forever]. I won't promise heaven and earth for your dogs, but I promise to prolong their life as best we can." And that was enough for me.

So happy after her first pro grooming!
I had the staff administer a general check up on Komiki via blood chemical profile and a complete blood count. I brought her booklet so they can analyze her previous shots, and Komiki also had her first professional grooming. I am so proud of her because she wasn't fussy at all (at home she'd bark, bite, and even try to escape), the staff was so nice and Komiki appreciated that, so she was calm the whole time.

My Mom and I had lunch, came back after 1.5 hours and the results were in. Komiki was:

  • dehydrated
  • her white blood cell count was low
  • negative for heartworm (yay!)

negative for heartworm :)
I was prescribed Immunol, an immune booster to increase her white blood cells, MonDEX to be added to her drinking water to help with her dehydration, and finally Liverolin to stimulate her appetite and condition her liver. I was to monitor her for a month and update them of the results. Additionally, if Komiki does not drink water, I have to manually give her water via syringe. Though it may seem taxing for those who are reading this, it's something that I don't really mind doing. And since Komiki seemed like she didn't have yearly heartworm prevention meds, I purchased one that day, too. 

Before leaving, I also explained that Komiki would throw up her food once in a while, usually a couple of hours after feeding. I was advised that Shih Tzus are acidic and it would help to feed her smaller portions often, as opposed to feeding her only twice per day. I am currently implementing this and I hope it works, otherwise it may be a sign of another disease. 

Early this month, I also transitioned Komiki to a healthier, and more holistic diet with the Nature's Variety Prairie Lamb & Oatmeal kibble. It's made with raw meat, contains less grains, no fillers, and gives more nutritional value. I bought a bag in Bow & Wow and while there are other brands available, this was the only one I could afford at the moment. She seems to like it, Komiki has never been fussy about food anyway. I will try adding canned foods next. I'm curious about the Venison variant, have you given your dog venison? Do they like it?

All in all, I went home happy and satisfied. Komiki was also very happy with hew new 'do, she smells so good, too. My wallet bled that day because all the tests were so expensive, but I told myself I would just cut down on my personal unnecessary purchases in order to give my dog a better life.

Thanks, Ijin, for recommending Dra. Olive! :)

Dogs N Us
50 Unit C & D Kanlaon Street, Quezon City
Tel. No. 731-8279


  1. How old is Komiki? I believe you mentioned this in one of your blog/insta posts but I forgot :S

    For several weeks now, I've been contemplating adopting a new dog but I have a lot of fears. The last time we had a dog, I was, like, 15? Hubby has a lot more experience but still... I'm afraid of letting the dog down. I 'might' not be able to play with it much and I'm not even sure whether I can be a good "Mom".

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  3. komiki very pretty...or handsome???heheheh

  4. to Vivi, you can adopt babies from PAWS rather than buying them in a pet shop. Let us help neglected babies have families again :)

  5. Most likely, I'll be adopting the local mutt.

    My greatest fear is to adopt a dog now then, after two years, realize that I have to let him go if my future 'permanent' place won't allow dogs. Hay... my heart feels very heavy, Kira. I saw a dog I'd want to take care of but after some discussions with Hubby, it seems it might not be wise for me to adopt at this point. I feel that not taking him in now is a wasted opportunity to help (he's jumping from one foster home to another) but at the same time, if two years down the road I find out I can't keep him anymore, he'll be about 3 years old already. It'll be very difficult, almost impossible, especially given his lack of pedigree, for him to find a new home. It'll be like I stole his 'best years' and chances to find a truly forever home. :(

  6. hihihi!!! very pretty then :) Maybe Vivi can find a place like PAWS in SInga? :) No I am not a volunteer but I always try to donate and adopt babies from the street. naku ang dami na namin dito haaayssss....I will start looking for free spays/ neuter na nga stop them from multiplying. ang gastos kasi tlaga...thanks Kira! super cute komiki!

  7. we are planning to do that soon, but CARA is far :( hahaha! cheers to us mommies of sangkatutak babies!