Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Review: CYNOS Argan Oil THairapy

I've had my hair digipermed several times over the course of 3 years, and people comment that my hair is still very healthy. Needless to say, I take hair care very seriously. I am the type who doesn't scrimp on conditioner (I apply a whole LOT every time) and even apply pure argan oil to my hair to set them. 

A few months ago, I was sent a set of the new CYNOS Argan Thairapy comprised of a shampoo, conditioner, curl cream and a full-sized bottle of the Moroccan Argan Oil. 

For the uninitiated, argan oil is considered as liquid gold. It's a prized ingredient that contains chock-full of essential fatty acids, anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals that promote healthy skin, hair, and nails. If you want to simplify or boost the efficacy of your current products, you can spike it with argan oil. Or you can even use it as is as a facial moisturizer, hair de-frizzer, or skin nourisher. 

I've been a fan of CYNOS and their Re-5 Keratin Treatment Daily Conditioner, so I was really excited about these new products. Here's quick review on each:

Moisture Vitality Shampoo
Just a small amount is needed for this shampoo to lather well, very economical indeed. It exceptionally leaves hair soft and silky after rinsing, my sister loves this but I am unable to use it in the long-term because of its SLS ingredient. I've discovered recently that SLS has been the culprit behind my scalp rashes and flaking. 

Moisture Vitality Conditioner
I'm a conditioner fiend and I love conditioners that really soften hair and detangle hair, and the Moisture Vitality Conditioner did not disappoint. If you can only afford to get only one product from the line, get this!

Bouncy Curl Cream
After towel-drying and combing you hair, apply a pump of the Bouncy Curl Cream to the curls, twist them, and allow them to dry as is. Gives good curl definition and hold the whole day. It's not a defrizzant so you may want to use a teeny bit of argan oil on the ends to tame the frizzies and add shine. 

Moroccan Argan Oil
This bottle is insanely huge and it instantly smooths dry and frizzy ends. It also had added dimethicones to really soften and tame rebellious hair. Thankfully, my hair is neither frizzy nor rebellious, so a small pump is all I need. Don't go overboard as it may leave hair too limp.

Have you tried the anything from the CYNOS Argan Oil Thairapy line?
Which one is your fave? :)

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