Friday, September 20, 2013

The Number of People Who Meet On Airplanes

A few weeks ago, I was fussing about flying out for a quick 4-day trip to Singapore. My birthday is coming in a few weeks and I wanted to reward myself and relax a bit by flying to my favorite city.

But the odds weren't in my favor as I encountered so many hitches starting with the place I was supposed to stay at and the friends I was supposed to meet. So I am parking my trip for now and just saving my money for Korea in December.

Anyway, I had dinner with a few friends last week and they taught me how to download ebooks for free. Okay, I'm a little bit behind on this. I do read books when it's convenient, but sometimes I'd forget about it or become too preoccupied about work and I'd end up totally abandoning the idea. So I essentially have a pile of half read books at home. BUT with this ebook thing, having all my books in one place seems like a great idea to keep me committed to reading them in the long term.

So the next day, I tried it and ended up spending the whole afternoon just downloading and reading. I was so obsessed with having all my favorite reads in my iPad Mini that I chose to stay home last weekend, haha.

So these are some of the books I downloaded. I've read the paperback versions of 6 of these but still chose to download them for posterity.

One of the books I just finished was "How They Met" by David Levithan. It's a collection of short stories about different kinds of love, of couples and how they met. Some circumstances were endearing, some were very high school-ish, but good reads nonetheless.

The story that struck me most was "The Number of People Who Meet On Airplanes" which was a cute story of a couple whose "love story" starts on a flight after Thanksgiving. It was a serendipitous meeting and in the end they got married. 10 years later, Roger (the one narrating the story), finds out that they met because of the old guy at the check-in counter named Al Schawrtz, who was known as the "matchmaker" in airline circles. It's basically an interesting story of how love can be about fate, or happenstance.

"Love weaves itself from hundreds of threads," says Mr. Schwartz

Remember that 90s movie, "Can't Hardly Wait" starring Jennifer Love Hewitt? There's a similar and widely famous quote from that movie: "Fate! There is such a thing as fate, but it only takes you so far. Then it's up to you to make it happen."

"You’re together because you spoke to each other…because you liked each other. That’s the greatest leap of all. I didn’t push you. I didn’t even give you a nudge. I just created the nearness and you did the rest."
Another excerpt from the book that tugged at my heartstrings was this part on travelling. As you know, I've been flying since birth as my Dad works in Mindanao and I would often be jet setting here and there to visit him. It's only recently that I've taken flying seriously and started to fly international, and solo at that. Flying for me has always been a liberating and memorable experience, and the excerpt below aptly describes how I feel every time I fly.

“You’re not going to believe this, but flying used to be quite romantic. To fly -- people couldn’t believe it. You only get that in little kids now. But back at the start, there was this sense of the future about flying. You were buying a ticket to this experience, this wonderful thing. Sure, people were nervous then. But that made it even more exciting. There was this expectation that something thrilling would happen, that being off the ground could take you out of your world for a few hours. I felt that way the first times I flew. I was already married to Margie then, but every liftoff -- for fifty years -- we would hold hands when we took to the air. Not out of fear. Out of wonder.”
I've noticed that a lot of people find flying a chore. I've encountered discourteous passengers at terminals who just want it over and done with, some mothers fussing over their children who are impatient and bored to death. And then in the midst of all those, you find me: a sprightly little girl, beaming from ear to ear and just majorly kilig about the whole trip.

I hope that families travel more and instill in their children how wonderful the world is. Experiencing the sights and sounds of Hong Kong, tasting the delicious food in India, bathing in the pristine waters of Dakak....there is just so much to discover.

What book are you reading now? 
Share them with me in the comments :)

You can download "How They Met" by David Levithan here


  1. I'm currently reading Rainbow Rowell's Eleanor & Park. So sweet, I didn't even notice it was already 1 in the morning! I only stopped reading because my dad knocked on my door to check why the light is still on and then found me still awake -_- And that's why I felt dead this morning. :D Still at 51%! Looking forward to finishing the book this weekend!

  2. Hi, Krissy! That's been happening to me recently, too! I'd stay up until 2am, switching from book to book! I heard about Eleanor & Park and will download it soon :)

    I'm sure your "crushie" cheered you up so you weren't so dead today, haha :P

  3. jakieandthebeadstalkSeptember 24, 2013 at 9:42 AM

    Last week, I downloaded Sweet Valley Twins (12 books) -Hahaha- All twelve books. I finished them and I was like, "I read this in high school and college and was so hooked by it?Why oh why? So immature!" Oh well, I had different tastes then.
    Now, I'm reading Miracle Cure, by Harlan Coben (fiction). It's about a clinic finding the cure for AIDS, where the patients (all gays) who became HIV-Negative after treatment were suddenly murdered. And the question was, where they killed because some people felt that AIDS is an illness for the immoral, so the government should not be funding for its research? Or is there a psycho who is just targeting random gays, who coincidentally, are being treated in the same clinic? Try Harlan Coben's books. The twists and turns are crazier than EK's Space Shuttle Ride. :P

  4. Haha! But I did enjoy reading SVH when I was young. I even had the Christmas editions with the glossy covers. But I love my Nancy Drew hardbound books the most <3

    Thanks for the recos, I'll check out Coben's books tonight :)

  5. jakieandthebeadstalkSeptember 24, 2013 at 11:14 AM

    Love love love Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys! I even had those titles na they help each other out! I always wondered what if Nancy and Frank dated, kawawa naman si Ned!
    Did you see the Nancy Drew books now at National Bookstore, super expensive. I couldn't buy them then at P56.00 each, kasi student pa lang. Now they're almost P200 (P180 or so)!!! One time, I found a hardboun collection of Hardy Boys, four books, in BookSale for P150. Not bad!

  6. jakieandthebeadstalkSeptember 24, 2013 at 11:15 AM

    I don't have any copy of SVH, kasi mahal nga. I always borrow. Teka, parang hindi ako nakahiram ng Christmas editions with glossy covers. tsk tsk, hindi kumpleto ang friends ko!

  7. Hindi ako fan ng Hardy Boys :( Did you buy the set you saw at BookSale? Steal na yun!

  8. jakieandthebeadstalkSeptember 24, 2013 at 11:21 AM

    Yes!!! Akala ko may aagaw, ready to box-out na ako eh.

  9. I think I donated my SVH books na, so I can't show you :( But it was something like this

  10. Na-imagine kita! LOL!

  11. jakieandthebeadstalkSeptember 26, 2013 at 8:32 AM

    Oh woww, I never got to borrow/read any of those. Kakatuwa naman. You know, I also want to donate my collections, pero parang, hindi ko kaya!

  12. hi miss kira! i'm currently reading fifty shades trilogy and its worth my time.. anyway, do u want some ebooks? i could send you my copies.. email me if you do so.. thanks. :)

  13. hi miss kira! :) just forwarded some of my ebooks to our email. hope you enjoy reading those bunch. :) keep safe and pretty always.

  14. Hi Che! Thank you so much! Wow so sent so many books! Please give me some time to go through the list :)