Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Empro Triangular Eye Brow Pencil in Blonde

The good thing about beauty boxes is that you discover new brands that otherwise you'd never get the chance to try. When I was in grade school, I'd purchase all the (now defunct) YM magazines and ogle at all the makeup and beauty products that were only available the in the US. I've always been envious of the selection, and secretly wished they'd all come to the Philippines.

Kids nowadays are so lucky, there are so many brands available ripe for their picking. Even local brands are stepping up. When I was in high school, I was very content with just my Maybelline lipsticks, haha.

Anyway, another beauty discovery from Glamourbox is the Empro Triangular Brow Pencil. I've honestly never heard of it before. I am a self-confessed late bloomer in the eyebrow grooming department, so please forgive me.

Empro Triangular Eyebrow Pencil is made of natural ingredients and is suitable for all skin types. It comes in four attractive shades that can draw up to three tones. The triangular shape of Empro’s pencil tip makes it easy to draw a thick line for the first half of the eyebrow, while the thinner tip creates the thin line towards the outer half of the brow. It comes with a brow brush to even out the color, and allows you to frame your face beautifully.
Price: Php 975
I've had similar brow products but the tip of the Empro Triangular Eye Brow Pencil is quite interesting as its triangular shape makes it really easy to transform your brows, even if you're just a newbie. 

I was given the Blonde shade which is the lightest. When swatched several times, it gives a light brown color (above) but you can layer it on for a more intense shade, or use a lighter hand to achieve just a wash of color. Interesting enough, the lead itself offers just the right amount of drag that makes it super easy for me to shade, define, and fill in sparse areas even when I'm rushing (or not paying attention, haha).

How to use: 

my bare brows :D

Step 1: Fill in brows with the Empro Triangular Brow Pencil using light brush strokes. Use the thicker tip to shade the first half of the brows, and the thinner tip towards the ends. The thin tip also makes it easy to define the "tail" of your brows. 

Step 2: Brush and tame unruly brows with the spoolie. I love Empro's spoolie as the bristles are short and dense.

The result: Ta-daaah! Perfectly full brows! 

So do I love it? Yes, I do! It's really easy to use, doesn't need sharpening and is perfect for travelling. The only caveat is I hope they release a lighter shade (because my hair is a lot lighter now), and the Blonde variant is still not a complete match to my Shu Uemura Hard Formula Eyebrow Pencil in Walnut. But, I can mix both in order to get the shade I want, no biggie!

The Empro Triangular Brow Pencil comes in 4 shades: Brown, Natural Brown, Golden Brown and Blonde. To purchase, visit the Glamourbox Online Boutique.

Disclosure: I work as the Business Development Officer of Glamourbox. The Empro Triangular Eye Brow Pencil was given to me for PR purposes, this is not a sponsored post.


  1. wow, I haven't heard of this brand. and I haven't used a brow liner with that shape... it looks really easy to use. Love your eyebrows! :)

  2. Thanks, Issa! It's really the triangular tip that makes a huge difference :) Hope you get ti try it out soon!

  3. Wow, it looks like it's got great coverage! :)

  4. It does! It can shade up to 3 tones, it really depends on your application technique :)

  5. Buy na! I think Golden Brown ka :)

  6. I have a triangle brow pencil from a different brand. It was so tricky to hold at first but once you're comfy with it, it's a dreaaaam. I don't know if I'll ever go back to regular brow pencils :P

  7. What brand do you currently have? I have difficulty using those regular pointed pencils. I still think Shu Uemura and its naginata-like tip is my best bet (if you're talking about pencils per se) :)

  8. Where did u.bought it?

  9. Hi! You can purchase it atGlamourbox.ph https://glamourbox.ph/index.php/view/product/Makeup/Empro_Triangular_Brow_Pencil/399 :)

  10. It's Ottie. The shape is the same and I just wanted to try the triangle pencil thing :P And now that you mention it, I think this fad started out because the Shu tip is pretty awesome.

  11. This looks so natural! I just bought the Shu Uemura Hard 9 though and think I'll be sticking to it for a long time - super worth the hype.

  12. Good choice, Shari! My Shu Uemura Hard 9 is still the best color match for my skintone and hair color, it's my HG eyebrow pencil :)

  13. jakieandthebeadstalkSeptember 16, 2013 at 8:25 AM

    Oh I wish I know how to draw/shape my own kilay. My kilay right now is a mess!