Saturday, August 31, 2013

Review: Benecos Lipsticks in Marry Me and Purple

Happy Saturday, everyone!

Let me tell you about this wonderful brand called Benecos which is brought in by Canary Cosmetics, a local retailer for clean cosmetics. The duo behind the brand specializes in bringing in some of my personal favorites such as the hard to find such as BLeaf and 100% Pure. Benecos is their flagship brand. Canary supports skincare and makeup products that are healthier and gentler than their chemical-laden, synthetic counterparts.

Benecos is a German brand that was started in 2008 with the main goal of creating high quality natural cosmetics at affordable prices. All of their products are certified free from petroleum-based ingredients, do not contain synthetic & genetically modified ingredients, synthetic dyes, synthetic fragrances, ethoxylated raw materials, silicon, paraffin, or mineral oil derivatives. Additionally, the brand is also cruelty-free. 

I was sent two Benecos lipstick shades: Marry Me and Purple.

Encased in no-frills black and silver plastic cases, these lipsticks offer a luxurious wash of color. I've tested quite a few natural lipsticks and usually I am disappointed with the sheerness. Benecos proves that you don't have to skimp on color when you choose the all natural route, as these lipsticks offer a thick layer of pigment with every swipe.

The bullet itself is soft, creamy and moisturizing. I fear that it may melt in our tropical country (I may be overreacting) so please keep these babies in a cool place if possible.

Lip swatches:

That's me in the middle! Wearing Benecos in Marry Me here :)
Marry Me - a rust orange shade (almost frosty) with gold microshimmer. The finish is satin and lasts quite a few hours on my lips before it starts to fade.

Purple - far from really being a purple lipstick, it gives a nice raspberry shade with pretty purple and blue iridescent shimmer. I love this but it does not last as long as Marry Me on my lips. 

If you've always wanted to transition to safe and eco-conscious cosmetics, I highly recommend starting with the Benecos lipsticks. For only Php 895, you get to enjoy a mineral lipstick that is not only infused with jojoba and sunflower oil for optimum hydration, but gives amazing color payoff as well. They smell fruity, too! Please note, the shade may differ depending on your lip pigmentation and level of lip acidity. 

Benecos has a range of lip products and you can check them out via Canary Cosmetics at


  1. They remind me a little bit of Color Whispers! Lovely shades you have, very fresh :) And I mussay! Of all the beauty bloggers, you and Donnarence of MLI own my favorite set of smackers :*

  2. Aww..thank you :))) But my lips are weird because they are not symmetrical.

    What are Color Whispers (tamad to Google, haha), I wanna try them!

  3. CW is a sub-line of the Maybelline Color Sensationals :D They're super hydrating lipsticks and have a similar finish to these Benecos lippies. It looks pigmented yet sheer at the same time, harharhar.

  4. I agree lipsticks like this may melt in our tropical country. Sometimes I store some lippies inside the ref (haha crazy, right?) :P Anyway, Purple looks good on you!

  5. Oh cool! I've tried the Color Sensationals, Imma check out Color Whispers tomorrow :D Thanks for the heads up!

  6. jakieandthebeadstalkSeptember 3, 2013 at 8:39 AM

    These aren't for my bags pala cause they might melt. I like that they are cruelty-free.Would you happen to know which brands aren't cruelty-free?

  7. May possibility lang naman mag-melt. You can check this link for the list of companies that are cruelty-free It's a little tricky cos sometimes a company doesn't test on animals, but the mother company does.

  8. jakieandthebeadstalkSeptember 3, 2013 at 1:11 PM

    Oh I see. Thanks thanks!!!

  9. How does this compare to Human Nature's Hydrating lipstick? :) I haven't tried Benecos yet.

    And yes, you're right -- natural lipsticks melt faster because they usually have more oils. :/ But I think as long as they're kept out of direct heat/sunlight, they should be fine.

  10. They colors are more vibrant, that's for sure. And the lipstick itself feels more cushy on the lips. I'll bring some for you but I think my next visit to SG is next year, since my Korea trip is just around the corner and I need to save money for winter wear, haha.

  11. Kristine DalanginMarch 14, 2014 at 3:33 AM

    Much better than vmv lipstick?