Friday, August 30, 2013

Poll: Is your skin spoiled?

"You've always had sensitive skin," says my Dermatologist of 10+ years, after consulting with her on my recent breakout from this known clinical brand that I had high hopes for. I've always known this to be true, but in recent months I've noticed that my skin has gone on overdrive and has become hyper-sensitive.

I'd get dermatitis on my forehead and around the nose area within 24 hours if I used something that my skin didn't agree with. Some milder products (like natural toners) would take longer, my skin would react in a week or two with red itchy bumps or dry patches. Why, even my lips would get annoyingly scaly after 3 days of using a certain brand of lipstick, my scalp would even itch within 24 hours if I used shampoo with SLS. And this is across the board, folks -- drugstore or high-end.
I wondered: Are the newer products stronger in formulation, or is my skin just really spoiled? 
Over the last few years, I've been more conscious of products and the ingredients they contain. I've always been a fastidious reader of fine print and if you happen to see me shopping, you'd find me googling certain ingredients or actually taking time to read the ingredients label. Within the last 3 years, I've slowly transitioned into using products with less parabens, SLS, silicones and unnecessary ingredients. Some are even completely paraben and SLS-free!

I think with my current product lineup, my skin has become extremely spoiled and therefore reacts fast to anything it does not agree with. Sucks if you're a beauty blogger who needs to test products on a regular basis, on another note it also helps me stay focused and selective when accepting products for review.

This is not to say that all natural products I've tried are far better, I've also had not-so-good experiences with all natural alternatives. It's a matter of finding what works and sticking with it, I guess.

Do you share the same sentiments? Has your skin become [too] spoiled? Please share the products you swear by, perhaps I can pick up a thing or two and they can become my HG products, too!

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  1. My skin is not spoiled at all and I love being able to try out and compare a lot of different beauty products. Gosh I can't imagine such a restrictive lifestyle! Gonna stay and peek at other comments so I can be educated about the best skincare for people with sensitive skin.

  2. I should spoil my skin. But I don't. :))

  3. You still love testing new products pa ba? I'm a bit wary na and avoid those that I know will cause skin sensitivities. There are some brands that don't work for me talaga :(

  4. Hi, Tellie! Good for you, maybe you have good skin to begin with? :)

    One of the reasons I love reading posts from other beauty bloggers (such as yourself!) is because I discover new products through their blogs. Hurraw, Mekhala and Enavose are just a few of the products I discovered, some have reached HG status even! :)

  5. yep, but I try to get from reputable brands na--skincare is always clinique, vmv or avene, tapos nagpabilin ako la roche posay haha (my poor wallet talaga). for makeup I'm really not buying anything so I shop my stash, whatever's there. still haven't found my HG bb cream/liquid foundie! oh and I should probably consult a derma more regularly :)

  6. Have you tried the VMV Skin Savvy (sorry broken record, fan kasi talaga ako!). Avene and La Roche has makeup na din I believe. Spotted them in Singapore the last time :)

  7. No I haven't, was actually considering checking out the makeup lines of clinique and vmv :) I just have so much makeup kaya no buy muna. Wish La Roche was available here!

  8. My skin is not spoiled as in 'bratty-spoiled' but it's 'damaged-spoiled'. I developed allergies after using lots of strong skincare products when I was younger. For a few years, I also used Body Shop's concealer (it's a discontinued version) not caring whether it's expired or not. Makes me shiver thinking about it. Haha, I was an ex-beauty/skincare illiterate. I think that's what caused my eyelid eczema.