Thursday, July 18, 2013

Review: Mekhala Wholesome Natural Living Black Rice Shampoo & Conditioner

My sister and I have different skin sensitivities: when I use SLS-laden hair products, my scalp reacts and becomes terribly itchy and scaly within a few days; my sister's scalp, on the other hand, oils up when she's not hiyang with a specific product.

Oftentimes though, we'd switch hair shampoos just to mix things up and get rid of product build up. I just ran out of my favorite Pureology shampoo and decided to check my stash of products that are waiting to be reviewed and found the Mekhala Living Black Rice Shampoo & Conditioner from Vivi. I've never heard of Mekhala Living, let alone Brown Rice bath products, but since I trust Vivi (*big smile*), I decided to give these a try.

Called the "Forbidden Rice", Black Rice has long been revered for its health and beauty-giving properties. We have created a signature range, packed with anthocyanin antioxidants and Vitamin E, to fight the ravages of age and the environment. Treat yourself from head-to-toe with a luxury that was once the province of Emperors and noblemen.

Regenerative Black Rice Shampoo

Get silky, healthy and lustrous hair with just one wash*. Aloe vera and black rice, a bountiful ingredient packed with anthocyanin antioxidants and Vitamin E, promote hair growth, improve blood circulation in the scalp, and protect hair from damage by oxidation. Powerful antioxidants combat harmful free radicals in the environment while anti-dandruff properties maintain scalp health.

Scent: Distinct Black Rice for a unique shampooing experience

Get silky, healthy and lustrous hair with just one wash*. Moringa Oil and Vitamin E in our Black Rice Conditioner deeply replenish moisture, whilst black rice extract, a bountiful ingredient packed with anthocyanin antioxidants and Vitamin E, protects it from damage by oxidation.

Scent: A mixture of black and jasmine rice to delight the senses.

The review: 

I didn't do any sort of research before using these products, I simply took them with me to the shower, opened the bottle cap and *boom*, the scent (although very unusual) immediately won me over. The shampoo smell like sweet rice pudding, good enough to eat! I must keep this away from Komiki (my shih tzu) because she might think of eating it! The consistency is syrupy, and it foams and cleans rather well for a natural product that does not contain SLS. Rinses easily, too. 

The conditioner smells just as sweet but with added essence of jasmine. The consistency is very much like a regular creamy conditioner, but since it does not contain dimethicones/silicones, my hair feels dry and lacks softness. This was the sort of thing I expected from natural conditioners, the lack of "moisturizing" ingredients that makes hair look and feel silky. I don't think I can chuck my Pure Beauty Treatment Conditioner just yet. 

check out the earth-friendly ingredients list
Overall, I am a fan of the shampoo and will most definitely check out the rest of the Mekhala Living products next time I fly to Singapore (Vivi, come with me please?). I didn't experience any irritations from both and my scalp has definitely cleared up and is now back to normal. Hooray!

If you have sensitive skin/scalp, I recommend the Black Rice Shampoo as it gently cleans the scalp, gets rid of dirt, grime and residue without causing any irritations. If you have dry hair and need a more potent conditioner, you may want to skip on the conditioner. However, if you have fine hair and need only minimal conditioning, it may be worth a try. 

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  1. wee! glad you liked the shampoo! <3

    Surprisingly, though, I experienced the total opposite. This gave me itchy scalp and limp hair. And the smell... :S It reminded me of an old sack of rice, haha. I'm surprised you liked it! But that's good :D

    Just revisited this shampoo the other day and still had the same results.

    I'm wondering whether the Korean shampoo would be suitable for you. That one worked quite well on me -- and i was surprised myself.

    1. I just smelled it again after reading this comment! The shampoo smells really sweet, does rice over at SG smell better than our local rice? Hehe.

      I use the shampoo with my Pure Beauty Conditioner, the Mekhala Conditioner didn't do much to moisturize my permed hair though, but this is to be expected (even with the Human Nature conditioners, my hair felt rather stiff and dry).

      Hey, bring me to all your fave green/organic stores next time I visit :D

  2. Haha! Sure! But there aren't a lot actually, most of them are just online stores. There's one at Mandarin Gallery, though, and it's one of the 'bigger' ones. :)

    1. Great! I'm curious to see the rest of the product line :D