Monday, July 1, 2013

Eye of Horus Liquid Define: A very precise "Sharpie" for the eyes

Happy 1st of July! Half of the year is gone, and I am eagerly awaiting my upcoming trip to Korea. Only 5 months to go and I can't wait! I still need to go shopping for winter clothes, thermals and winter shoes, so please leave your suggested brands and stores below. This will be my first winter trip so I am clueless, haha. 

Anyway let me tell you about our recent find, the Eye of Horus Liquid Define. 

Liquid Define Eye Liner is an amazingly easy to use liquid "texta" that draws a gorgeous black line on your lid, allowing for perfect definition. Dries almost instantly and won’t imprint on eye lids. Stays on all day or night. 
Eye of Horus Liquid Define can be "primed" keep the liquid through to the tip of the felt pen, open and turning cap upside down to make a “cup” bend the tip slightly to point down inside the cupped lid to push liner liquid to tip. This will keep the liquid in the barrel filled to the tip, and a beautiful full line. 
Ingredients: Aqua, Acrylate Copolymer, Black2 (CI77266), Laureth-21, DEG-40 Hydrdgenated Castor Oil, Methylisothiazolinone (9.5%) Paraben Free
Price: Php 960
I brought this home one day and my sister immediately fell in love with it! The tip gives a precise, waterproof line that stays on the whole day. My sister works for an airline company and she wears full makeup everyday, so in a sense, she is the authority on makeup at home. This is a great partner to another long-wearing favorite, the Eye of Horus Natural Mascara

I tried this on a few weeks ago at our reunion, I like how it makes my chinita eyes larger. I need more practice though as my line isn't as precise as it should be.

Anyway, after using the Eye of Horus Liquid Define for a couple of months, the tip wasn't as sharp as it used to be (we're heavy-handed, I guess?). So what should you do if this happens? Reverse the tip! 

Here's a quick and easy tutorial:

Step 1: Use clean tweezers to grasp the EOH felt tip. Pull until the whole felt tip comes out. 

Step 2: Flip the tip and insert it into the pen casing. 

Ta-daah! Good as new!

The Eye of Horus Liquid Define is exclusively available at the Glamourbox boutique. Please note that I purchased this using my own money. 

Disclosure: I work as the Business Development Officer of Glamourbox. This is not a sponsored post.


  1. is that applicable to all liquid eyeliners? :))

    1. Hi Em! I believe it's for the EOH liners only :D I haven't experimented with the other liners!

  2. Ate you might want to look at for the shops suggestions. Just register in GirlTalk and you'll see every info there :)

  3. by the way Ms Kira, I'd like to invite you to join my giveaway. Maybe you'd like to join :)) I hope you do

  4. I love the tutorial! I wonder if I can do it for all my liquid pen liners. I also wonder if it'll help with my fading liquid pen liners :P

    1. Thank you, Tellie! Try it and let me know ha. This was the first time I encountered a liquid liner with a reversible tip :P