Saturday, June 22, 2013

Instant upstyle: Donut Bun

For ladies who have medium to long hairstyles, you might want to update your look with a donut bun. I first did this tutorial for the Glamourblog but decided to share this with my blog readers as well. It's pretty easy to do and is a chic hair option for impromptu meetings and bad hair days. Or on days you're wearing a pretty pink maxi skirt and you feel like twirling. Hold on, I think I just described yesterday's OOTD! Haha :)

Here's what you'll need: 

Step by step tutorial: 

Step 1 - Tie your hair up in a ponytail, secure using a hair elastic. If you have straight hair, you can also brush off any tangles so you end up with a sleeker ponytail. I have digipermed hair (which I only comb once a day) so I skipped this step.

Step 2 - Put your hair through the donut and position the donut on the base of your ponytail, covering the first elastic. I got my donut from Pinkbox, it's only Php 99 and you can choose from small, medium and large. I used the large one for this tutorial.

PS: I love my highlights and lowlights courtesy of Ms. Rose Marinas of JuRo Salon Exclusif. Stay tuned for my review!

Step 3 - Lean forward and spread your hair over the donut. Make sure to cover the bun fully.

Step 4 - Place a second elastic around the bun to secure it. Still looks a little messy at this point. Let's remedy that!

Step 5 - Neatly tuck all excess hair and tendrils using bobby pins.

Step 6 - Tadaaah! Wrap a ribbon around your donut bun or attach a clip for more romantic feel, like so.

Try it out and let me know what you think! 


  1. Kira, there is another way and it kinda holds your hair better. You can also do it with this kind of donut bun. You can tuck your hair INSIDE the donut bun.


  3. can i just say i love the color of your hair and your soft waves!!! :D

    1. Thank you, Hazel! Will blog about JuRo salon next :)

  4. I think your highlights give so much dimension to this style. And your digi perm makes it extra extra luscious! Major win :D

    1. Aww..thank you, Tellie! :) I'm thinking my next hairstyle, I've been permed for 2 years already. Any recos? :)

  5. Good blog. I wanna see it contiously :D