Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Green Beauty Bloggers Meetup: Katsu dinner with Vivi of EcoBeautySecrets.com

In a perfect world, I would prefer to use only organic or natural products. I was into a green beauty phase a few years back, but unfortunately, my skin sensitivities got in the way. As we all know, natural products can still cause allergies especially on hypersensitive skin. So what I did was to learn which ingredients I had to avoid in order to lessen my flare-ups and breakouts. FYI, I am prone to dermatitis on my forehead and pimples around my mouth so even my toothpaste usage has to be closely monitored.

Anyway, nowadays I employ a balance of natural and regular cosmetics and skin care products. It works for me, and I've learned to shun from silicones, parabens, sulfates, pthlates and other nasty stuff. My skin is still a work in progress.

A few years ago, I also stumbled upon Vivi's blog called Eco Beauty Secrets while googling for eco tips and eco-friendly products. I fell in love with her blog because her entries are authentic and very relatable. Her images are also very engaging and fun. Everyone knows that I am too lazy to comment on other blogs. I do read a whole lot of varied blogs from interior design, cooking, to makeup. Vivi's blog struck a chord and I started to comment on her entries, she replied and we started to correspond online. The rest, as they say, is history.

If you're an avid reader of EcoBeautySecrets.com, you'll notice that Vivi values her privacy and doesn't show her full face. I think it's rather clever how she posts reviews without actually revealing her full identity.

My favorite posts are her DIY tips and green beauty discoveries. I am envious with the green selection they have over at Singapore. It was through Vivi that I discovered Paul Penders and Ethic Bioskin.

So since I was on a two-week break from school, I deemed it as the perfect time to travel. I first went to Surigao then flew to Singapore (alone, I might add!) the weekend after. I was determined to meet Vivi and I Whatsapped incessantly. I've been to Singapore several times but I always forgot to message her, so this time I was adamant about making time and meeting her.

We decided to meet in Wisma and then headed to Mandarin Gallery for a quick and quiet dinner.

It was a no-brainer -- Vivi and I loved rice and Katsu (what a conincidink!) so we went to Ma Maison. Ma Maison Singapore is of course, from the same restaurant family as Ma Maison in Greenbelt 3.

I chose the Iberica Pork Katsu which had a trimming of fat. It was so tender and juicy, and thicker than my usual Rosu Katsu in Yabu. I wasn't able to finish my Katsu because it was so big :(

sesame seed grinder! I want one!
I brought my college friend, Tin, who's been working in Singapore for almost 4 years. They obviously hit it off right away! Vivi was funny, engaging and very positive -- it was such a treat to finally meet her in person! Also, Vivi has incredibly clear and healthy skin -- I am envious! I guess I have to be serious about transitioning from traditional to green beauty products if I want to have skin as good as hers. 

So these are our photos! Haha! I promised her that the other photos we took won't see the light of day, so this is the fulfilment of that promise, Vivi :D

If you're new to her blog, here are some of my favorite entries:

Aaand, Vivi also gave me pasalubong since I was leaving for Manila that night we had dinner. More natural products to try! Yay!

Thank you, Vivi, for taking the time to meet us! It was truly fun to spend a few hours with you. I hope to fly back to Singapore later this year so we can hang out more :)


  1. Haha, I still giggle when I see our photos. Thank you for bearing with my eccentricities. :p

    It was great hanging out with you and Tin. Hope we had more time to walk around, though. Oh, and I need to drop Tin a message one of these days. I dreamt about her last weekend! :D

    Thank you for the chance to meet and laugh with you in person and for writing such nice things about me. Wow. It made even my Mom blush, haha.

    1. I had katsu again yesterday! *burp*

      I really plan to go back and visit you guys again come September. I had so much fun there, mainly because I was free to do whatever and didn't follow a strict schedule. So it was really R&R for me. I'll see you again, yes? :)

  2. Hi Ate Kira! Im an avid reader of your blog. I think I got too ignorant of my face or should I say I told myself to keep in mind that I got pimples on my face and nothing else. *sighs* Just this week, I noticed that what I really have on my face ARE whiteheads! Ive been treating my face with anti pimples product but all along this time its whiteheads that are sabotaging my face! :'( I dont want to have facials Im afraid itll destroy my face. Will you please help me? Here is my email: joybellevicente@gmail.com Thank you Ate!

    1. Aww...thanks, Joybelle! I got your email and I'll reply in a bit :)

  3. Loved this post! I'm already a fan of Vivi's blog. It's nice to find another fan and fellow beauty blogger. Sweet :-)!

    1. Hi Sarita! Thank you for dropping by my blog! I hope you find my entries helpful and hopefully, they also put a smile on your face :D