Saturday, June 29, 2013

My Cool Contrast Hair Color by JuRo Salon Exclusif

It's been 8 months since my last ombre hair color at JuRo Salon. I've never been one to follow trends especially in terms of hair color, but it was nice that Rose (hair colorist extraordinaire) gave me a gradual ombre that still looked fresh and current 8 months later. 

I've been meaning to have my color updated, but life somehow got in the way. I was so busy with my job and my weekends have been consumed by school. Coincidentally, ARC Public Relations contacted me last May and asked if I was interested to have another appointment with Rose. Of course, I jumped at the opportunity and said yes right away. But as mentioned previously, I was very busy so it took me about 3 weeks to clear my schedule, haha.

When I got there one rainy Friday afternoon, I was greeted by the biggest smile from Rose and the team. I was thrilled to be back :)

For the first 30 minutes, Rose and I were just catching up on each other's lives. I like talking to her because she really is passionate about her craft. She mentioned that she and Jude are now involved in an advocacy program where they educate kids and develop their skills to become better hair cutters and entrepreneurs. More on than in a future post. 

Anyway, I showed her my ombre 'do and she was thoroughly impressed that my hair stayed in great shape since we last saw each other September of 2012. I said I wanted the same ombre color, but Rose apparently had other plans.

First, a hair treatment to strengthen and prepare my strands for the coloring process. 

After about 20 minutes under the steamer, the treatment was rinsed and Rose and her stylists started to apply the color. At this point, I still had no idea what Rose had up her sleeve. She just mentioned that she'll lighten up my locks a bit. Eep!

If you're wondering about the numerous foils on my head, Rose explains that she was giving me a "Cool Contrast" hair color style. She was going to mix lowlights and highlights for added dimension. 

Well, hello there! Take me to your leader :D The process took about 4 hours, am so glad Rica also had her coloring scheduled that day. 

And finally, our updated hair colors courtesy of Rose:

Rica added red highlights to her gorgeous dark mane

There was an initial shock when I first saw my very light hair! I couldn't get over it and I was a little bit apprehensive about leaving the house. A week later (and after numerous compliments from friends and family members), I finally embraced my lighter and more youthful hair color. I even did a hair tutorial for Glamourbox, click the link for a better view of my highlights and lowlights.

In a nutshell -- I love it! Leave it to Rose to give me a hair color that brightens up my complexion and adds more body and movement to my permed hair. 

On my own, I would never have chosen a hair color this light -- I am definitely too conservative and too low-key for that. But I'm glad that Rose "surprised" me with this, what an unexpected treat!

Moral lesson: Never be afraid to try something new! ;)

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  1. Wow, your hair looks very nice and not dry at all. I've seen several girls with dry permed hair--how do you keep yours looking healthy?

    1. Thanks, Aviva! I'm very low-maintenance, I just use Pureology Super Smooth Shampoo and Pure Beauty Treatment Conditioner (from Watsons).

      Once in a while (when I'm not lazy), I apply a few drops of Argan Oil on my palm and scrunch the ends of my hair. I apply a bit on my scalp as well.

      That's basically it! Photos of the aforementioned products are available here: :)

  2. Hi Kira. I am planning to curl my hair the traditional way (not permed). I wonder how I can keep the locks soft and natural.suggestions? :)

    1. Hi, Marla! I would suggest using a gentle vegan shampoo like Pureology, and be generous when using the Pure Beauty Conditioner. For styling, I use Curls Up FX Defrizzant which I buy from SM Dept. Store for only P299. It's a serum-type defrizzant and hair softener that does not weigh down hair. I love it so much, I buy 2-3 in one go. Try it! :)