Sunday, May 12, 2013

Review: Snoe Hyperfunction Fond de Teint + Serum in X0 (Vanilla Creme)

In an effort to simplify my makeup routine, I decided to purchase the Snoe Hyperfunction Fond de Teint + Serum late last year. My usual routine after washing is to apply a toner, apply moisturising gel, then liquid foundation with SPF and then finally set everything with powder. Laziness sometimes kicks in and I wished for a 2-in-1 product that could moisturise and provide coverage.

Snoe Premium Cosmetics HyperFunction Fond de Teint + Serum is a lightweight formula that gives skin perfect coverage, skin healing ingredients, antioxidants and broad-spectrum sun protection. This feel-good formula is extra emollient to instantly “melt” into skin and give it a fresh, healthy glow. Over time, it also helps replenish and strengthen skin. 
Price: Php 1,199/55ml

Key ingredients: 

  • Escargot - Repairs damaged skin cells, boost production of collagen and elastin, anti bacterial, scar repair, anti-acne, anti inflammatory

  • Broccoli - Contains phytochemicals that will help reduce inflammation, and detoxify your skin. It contains twice the vitamin C of a lemon that will whiten and also acts as a antioxidant energy agent. It contains natural lactic, malic and citric acid and contains a high level of vitamin K, which will improve skin elasticity and improve under eye circles.

  • Acai - Most powerful and nutritious fruit in the world. Contains highest level of antioxidants, higher than any fruit.
Off the bat, I've really liked Snoe Beauty's packaging from the get-go, plus their witty copy and product names are catchy. I actually like looking at their products, am I alone or this or you do this as well?

Swatches below:

My shade match is XO (Vanille Creme) which is the lightest and is described on the website as "light with neutral undertones." 

What I like:

  • applies smoothly, moisturizes well
  • the XO shade blends well into my skin
  • pump packaging is hygienic, perfect for travelling
  • true to its claim, the formula just melts into my skin and looks very natural
  • can cover very minor redness, sheer to medium buildable coverage

What I don't like:

  • I had difficulty controlling the product that was dispensed since my pump was a little hard
  • best for ladies with dry to normal skin, I have combination to oily skin and I oiled up in 2 hours when I used this
  • no oil control
  • can't cover imperfections and pimples, the coverage is too light for me

Overall, I think this works more like a tinted moisturiser more than  foundation. You can see from the photo above that redness around my cheeks, nose and around my mouth are still visible. If you already have good skin or you're not as oily as I am, I would suggest trying out the Snoe Hyperfunction Fond de Teint to moisturise, whiten and even out your skin tone. If you're oily you may want to skip this or apply primer before application to prevent oilies. 

Have you tried the Snoe Hyperfunction Fond de Teint + Serum? 
Share your thoughts on it below!

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