Monday, May 13, 2013

Review: KJI & Co. Lip Stayss in Seductress

You know how much I love lip tints during summer, I even reviewed several a few years back (click here and here). Recently, I included the KJI & Co. Lip Stayss in Seductress in my fave summer picks and I thought it was due time for a more in-depth review. Please note that this product was purchased using my own money.

Lip Staysss semi-permanent lip balm doesn’t bleed, feather, or rub off – and the staying power is 50% greater than any other lipstick in town. They last through drinks or greasy meals and even heal, hydrate and moisturise your lips at the same time. Made of 100% natural quick drying liquid, you will never feel you have it on.
Price: Php 410
The KJI & Co. Lip Stayss comes in several shades, Baby Pink, Dolly Blush and Seductress, the latter being the most pink. It is basically a balm that goes on clear then transforms into a bright pink shade. Remember your Mom's Mood Lipsticks back in the 80s,? This is definitely something close to that.

What I like: 

  • handy size, easy to tote anywhere
  • great color pay-off, does not bleed and stays on even after eating or drinking
  • easy to apply, glides on the lips
  • non-waxy balm
  • affordable

What I don't like: 

  • melts easily in our hot summer weather, don't leave this in the car!
  • be careful about applying this to your lips, use a mirror as you don't want your outside lines to turn pink, too!
  • feels greasy if I apply too much
  • wish it had a mint scent/flavor
  • does not moisturize as well as my HG V&M Smooch Lip Butter Balm

The KJI & Co. Lip Stayss in Seductress is a good lip tint, though I really wished it offered fruity and minty flavors. I think this would be a great addition to my travel kikay kit since it's a lip balm and lip tint in one. But if you have very dry lips, you may have to apply a balm first and use this as a tint instead.

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  1. not so familiar with KJI! great I learned this from your blog. i want balms na may color so I wont put lipsticks na at work :D

    1. Hi Rovie! You might be interested to try this! Seductress gives off a bright pink shade, the product is pretty good except that it has no taste/scent whatsoever :)