Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Rave: Pixi Think Pink Magic Tink Tint

I had the awesome opportunity of meeting Tinkerbell in the flesh last year. Well, okay, it wasn't really THE Tinkerbell but rather a personified version of her over at Hongkong Disneyland. She is as adorable as her Disney cartoon counterpart :3

Who doesn't love Tinkerbell? My favorite product from the Green Beauty (April) box is the Pixi Think Pink Magic Tink Tint which (surprise, surprise!) is a collaboration between Disney and Pixi. It's part of the limited edition Pixi Glow Collection for Target:

Think happy thoughts and your lips will turn a delightful shade of pink! Pixi Magic Tink Tint is a gel crayon that turns a custom shade of pink on lips. This paraben-free formula has a moisturizing formula with a shiny finish and a burst of fresh peppermint taste.
Okay, we're all too familiar with self-adjusting lip products that "change color according to our body chemistry", and the Pixi Think Pink Magic Tink Tint is one of those products that magically transforms into a pretty shade of pink. It is free of parabens, pthalates, sulfates and triclosan making it very safe for sensitive skin, I've heard some Glambabes give it to their kids as well. With the pretty spring design and the Tinkerbell theme, it's every girly girl's absolute dream come true. 

Pixi was created by Petra Strand who has 20+ years experience as a makeup artist and product developer. Pixi aims to bring out the natural beauty of all women, with products that are made of better ingredients so skin is treated whilst wearing makeup. According to Petra (who is a busy working Mom of two), "Pixi is truly about multitasking, flaw-fixing, youth-enhancing products for women on-the-go with no time to spare."


Believe it or not, the Pixi Think Pink Magic Tink Tint is about to give my HG lip balm (my V&M Smooch Lip Butter Balm) a run for its money. Once applied, the Magic Tink Tint (I dare you to say it 5x straight) gives a thin veil of silky moisture (not tacky nor waxy) due to the Vitamin C, Beeswax, Jojoba, Shea Butter, Peptides, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin A and Vitamin E ingredients. Dry lips will really love this formulation.


Pixi Think Pink Magic Tink gives a very natural, pinkish MLBB shade. Of course the degree of pink-ness will also depend on how pigmented your lips are, on me it gives very feminine, just-bitten tint. It's not a crazy bright pink shade like KJI & Co. Lip Stayss in Seductress, mind you. It's a very prim and proper kind of pink.


I love minty lip balms, lotions, candies --- anything minty is tops in my book! Pixi almost nailed it because the Magic Tink Tint offers a very refreshing minty scent, plus a cool tingling sensation everytime I apply. The only downside is, I wish the cooling sensation lasts longer, as in I want my lip products really mentholated!

Pour conclure: 

The Pixi Think Pink Magic Tink Tint is a great addition to my growing "collection" of tinted lip balms. The tip is already blunt because I've been using it non-stop since I got it! I love the design, the pretty pink tint and how it effectively moisturizes my dry lips.

It's currently not available in the Philippines and was only introduced by Glamourbox via the Green Beauty box, but who knows, we might be bringing in more Pixi products soon!

Have you tried the Pixi Think Pink Magic Tink Tint from your 
Green Beauty Glamourbox? Do you love it as much as I do? :)

Disclosure: I work as the Business Development Officer of Glamourbox, my Green Beauty box was given to me for PR purposes. This is not a sponsored post. 


  1. Wooow! Ms.Kira thank you for this review! I've been eyeing Pixi cosmetics for a very long time, well addition to my Tinkerbell collection sana :D Now, I'm going to get one Glamourbox because of this post!



    1. Hi Svetlani!

      The Magic Tink Tint was part of our Green Beauty Box, we don't sell it individually just yet :) Our Bridal Bliss (July) box subscriptions are still ongoing though :)

  2. My experience with this tint wasn't as magical as yours :( It never tinted my lips evenly and I would wind up with brighter octagon patches in the center of my lips. Any tips to avoid that?

    1. Hi Tellie!

      When I initially used the Magic Tink, I didn't get a whole lot of color, too. The pink tint came out after several more uses, when the pointed tip was a little blunt already.

      I am not sure how the octagon patches look, but perhaps a little exfoliation would help? I always brush my lips gently each and every time I brush my teeth (it's a habit I've been doing for years), this might help with the smoother and more even application of the balm.

      Let me know how it goes, update me, ha? :)