Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Still loving my ombre 'do + my hair care essentials

Is ombre hair still in style? I honestly haven't been to a salon since my digiperm back in November 2012 and I haven't had my hair color retouched since my JuRo visit last September. My hair is longer now (and the heat is getting to me), but my ombre color is still intact.

Just wanted to show you how my hair looks like now. Last September, I specifically told Rose (the other half of JuRo Salon) that I wanted a low maintenance ombre color that would grow out naturally. I wasn't a fan of the half dark and half blonde ombre styles (with the obvious demarcation line), I just wanted something low-key. So here it is, 7 months later:

You can see the regrowth already but overall it still looks pretty good. Looks like survive several more months before I need to have it officially retouched for my cousin's wedding.

These are what I've been using, my hair care essentials if you will. I'd love to know yours:

1. Pureology Super Smooth Shampoo 

I received this duo from the JuRo event but I prefer the shampoo more than the conditioner. The sulfate-free shampoo gently cleans my hair and the formula effectively protects my hair color (and prevents it from turning brassy). I'm not a fan of the conditioner because it is too light for my liking. 

Of course, this is my favorite conditioner of all time! It's affordable (Php 249/500ml) and softens and detangles my hair. Been using this since 2011! I always have 4 bottles on hand in case Watsons runs out again. 

As a final treatment before I retire for the night, I scrunch a few drops of the Snoe Beauty Argain Oil on my ends for added moisture. I sometimes use this in between to "liven up" and define my curls mid-day. Argan Oil is very light (lighter than Sunflower Oil or Emu Oil) so it is absorbed rather well. Available for Php 799 at the Glamourbox boutique.

What other hair care products do you swear by? Share them with me below! 

Disclosure: I work for Glamourbox as their Business Development Officer. The Snoe Argan Oil was purchased using my own money, this is not a sponsored post. 


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