Monday, March 11, 2013

Our MAC x Archie's Girls Adventure

When my sister heard about the MAC x Archie's Girl collection, she went bonkers! She was adamant about purchasing the lipsticks, especially when we saw the swatches online. I wasn't too keen on getting some initially. I was a huge fan of Archie comics but I didn't really care much about the MAC collection since I didn't want to spend so much a day before our flight to Delhi.

This morning, my sister woke up early and trooped to Trinoma to reserve her favorite shades. Impressively, she arrived before the mall opened and when she got to the MAC counter, looked for our fave MUA/SA Emm and reserved Daddy's Little Girl, Ronnie Red, Betty Bright and Strawberry Malt. She was advised that they start selling at 2pm but reservations are accepted. My sister was #11 on the list.

As if to entice me, she even sent me a Whatsapp message with these swatches with a message: "Come, quick! The shades are pretty!"

From top to bottom: Betty Bright, Daddy's Little Girl, Kiss Don't Tell, Strawberry Malt, Mall Madness
After several phone calls and photo exchanges, I decided to just go and check out the shades. What have I got to lose, right?

So anyway, I arrived at 1:00 PM and -- surprise, surprise -- Ronnie Red and Betty Bright were already labelled as sold out! I swatched some shades and was thoroughly impressed -- very pretty and wearable indeed. And the bullet was just so incredibly cute! Needless to say, we went home with a bunch of stuff (more my sister than me). Agh.

There's a longer, more tiring version of this story which involved my going to Glorietta and waiting for my turn (I was #64!) but...let's just skip that.

Enough dabble, here are some photos from the launch (all taken using my iPhone): 

MOA has the best set-up so far! Live dancing and music 50's style!
Archie in Glorietta (super looks like hin, no?)
a quick photo op :)
I got some cinnamon candies as a token :D

What we went home with: the Veronica blush, Daddy's Little Girl, Betty Bright and Ronnie Red = absolutely skint! -_-

Tish wearing Betty Bright
Tish wearing Daddy's Little Girl
Me wearing Ronnie Red
I personally find Ronnie Red too blue-based for me, but I got Daddy's Little Girl (which seems like a blue-based orchid shade -- go figure) which I terribly like. I hope to swatch and review some soon, but for now I hope you enjoyed the photos :)

Did you purchase anything from the MAC Archie's Girls collection? If you missed it, you can still go to Shangri-la and Rockwell on the 16th and catch the unveiling there! 


  1. Dang veronica and her flat tummy!

  2. Daddy's Little Girl looks like my Girl About Town! Okay na ako dun haha. Siguro. :D

  3. Love Daddy's Little Girl! Sweet and pink but not too loud.

  4. I like the Betty Bright. Want to go and check it. :)

  5. This is going to be in my wishlist! xD

  6. but i love ronnie red on you!

    1. Thanks Jamie! Not to worry, I can always borrow it from my sister :D

  7. I missed the launch, I was not able to buy anything! :(