Friday, March 22, 2013

Mir & Ryvi Organic Banana Soap

Long time readers of my blog would know that I have always been partial to natural and/or organic products. I prefer to use products that are paraben, sulfate and dimethicone-free (and of natural origin if possible), however because of my stringent skin care requirements and sensitivities to some natural ingredients (natural toners give me dermatitis), my current skin care routine strikes a good balance between using natural/organic and regular products. When I say regular, I mean those that I can readily purchase in the malls with all those "nasty chemicals" that others seem to stay away from. I'm not a purist and I do bend the rules sometimes.

The makers of Mir & Ryvi Home of Organics sent me their soaps last month, and for that I am very thankful. I've always been supportive of indie brands and their social enterprises, and sometimes these local brands even have better products than their commercial counterparts.

Myr & Ryvi Home of Organics Company was founded by Laiden Pedriña who has been working for non-government organizations and international development projects for years, until she realized that business and development can be integrated and business can also be a platform for social advocacies.

The brand's first offerings are soaps in 3 variants: Banana, Tomato and Papaya. These are cold-processed to retain the necessary nutrients and vitamins for the skin. The raw materials are sourced from certified organic farms in Laguna while natural extracts are sourced as far as the Amazon.

The soaps are wrapped in thick, matte paper. Very classy!
Our Seal Of Commitment is: People-Nature-Science 
People: We value our employees and the process of making our products from sourcing the ingredients to bringing it to our customers 
Nature: We value environment-friendly processes
Science: When we [create] our products, we make sure to only use ingredients that are clinically proven effective.
In this post I shall be doing a quick review of the Banana Soap which I've been using for roughly a month.

This speckled soap contains banana and acerola extract (sourced from Jeju Island), and those brown spots are actually banana fibers. I scraped some of them using my nails and texted Laiden about it, so yes, this soap does contain bananas! Additionally, the soap's other star ingredient is acerola extract which is the brand's natural alternative to hydroquinone. This soap is ideal for spot lightening when used regularly. I can't comment on the lightening results because I got sunburned in India recently.

To my nose it seems like this soap has a lovely cinnamon scent which is a joy to use in the bathroom. It is a soft soap which means dropping will create dents on the bar, and it gives a soft lather which amazingly results to squeaky-clean skin. I've encountered other soft soaps before, and I've always felt like they didn't clean my skin well. The Mir & Ryvi Banana Soap is the first organic "soft" soap I've tried that really left me feeling clean, refreshed and moisturized.

Tip: Make sure to always store your organic soaps in dry soap dishes to prevent them from melting. 

*I have yet to use the full-sized Papaya and Tomato bars, I'll blog about them soon.

Mir & Ryvi soaps are available in Beauty Bar for Php 250/140 grams. 


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