Sunday, February 10, 2013

Pretty in Pink Robinsons Beauty Fair Kick-Off Event

Robinsons Department Store together with the biggest young women's magazine, Cosmopolitan, is giving you the hottest event this year. The Pretty in Pink Beauty Fair main event will be held at the Atrium of Robinsons Place Manila on February 23, 2013 where you can score deals from your favorite makeup brands and get to enjoy activities with your girlfriends. Makeovers anyone?

At yesterday's kick-off event/launch at Robinsons Magnolia, were were treated to a lot of girly activities and sweet treats. I'm glad I spotted Rowena and Krissy at the event, I also saw Say but she was too busy and we didn't get a chance to say hi and catch up.

Want to see what happened at yesterday's event? Then read on below...

As the name implies, the theme was pink and saccharine from the setup to the food. We were made to choose which activities we were interested in and of course I chose "Love Reading", haha. This should be fun.

Rowena and Krissy headed to the L'Oreal table to try their newest nail art stickers. While waiting for my turn, I couldn't resist swatching L'Oreal's newest lip products.

check out Krissy's big smile, haha, she's so excited!
 Now it's my turn! I was actually the first person to have her "future" read, and I took a whole 30 minutes too. Meet Vera, my fortune teller for the day. This gift of reading people's fortunes runs in their family, she says.

I was asked to pick a few cards from the shuffled deck, then she started to read the cards. It was mostly about career though, check out my face in the succeeding photos:

Hmm...I wonder if this is true
I am still rather affected by the readings and am a bit perplexed as to the steps I should take this year. It's true what they say, a single oversight or mistake could change the course of history forever. At least my history.  

Anyway, after that serious activity I headed to the L'Oreal counter for a makeover. Resident MUA Gex Garcia was there prettifying Bec when I arrived: 

Bec of My Gorgeous Pink Cheeks
When I sat on the makeup chair, I told Gex that I don't really know how apply makeup save for foundation and eyebrow pencil so she recommended neutrals and a pink lip. Ah, a makeup artist after my own heart! :)

these quads are great for the smokey eyes look, I'm told
she used the Le Teint liquid foundation  
let's not forget concealer
she applied the neutral shadow palette, bold eyeliner,
white along the tightline and in the inner corner of my eyes, then mascara

Gex soley used L'Oreal products and I really love how simple yet stunning my look was. My eyes were emphasized and the makeup lasted for hours. Gex was also very careful with the application, I didn't tear up nor was she heavy-handed. Might consider her for my cousin's wedding on October :)

Wish I stayed longer and had my skin analyzed, too, but it was Friday and I didn't want to contend with the traffic. 

with Rowena of Animetric's World
with Krissy of Krissyfied
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    1. Thank you, Michelle! I have a before and after in my next post :D

  2. i love the makeover! so pretty! :)

    1. Thanks Issa! I love what she did to my eyes, very wearable for everyday and for special occasions. Definitely a step up for me, haha :)