Friday, February 1, 2013

Join the Hair Revolution with L'Oreal's New Steampod

If you've always had your hair rebonded every year, and winced at the fact that your hair is being damaged with each ironing motion, then you might want to try the new L'Oreal Steampod. This touted "hair revolution" is the result of a great collaborative partnership between two well-respected brands -- L'Oreal and Rowenta. Steampod is the first ever hair smoothing iron that delivers a continuous stream of high-pressure steam, thus claiming that it is now possible to heat-style hair without compromising its health!
Steampod is the world’s first hair smoothing iron that delivers a continuous stream of pressurized steam from an in-built steam generator. This is in partnership with Rowenta, the world leader in household appliances and inventor of steam iron.
Why steam? 

  • Gently opens up the cuticle delivering the treatment into the core
  •  Gradually heats the hair preventing heat shock to prevent cuticle damage
  • Smooths down the cuticle sealing the ends for a flawless finish
Steampod is offered in only Bench FIX salons and you can choose from several services:

SRP – Keratin Steam Bond (Long): PHP 7500 | (Short): PHP 6000
Keratin Steam Bond Service – the first steam smoothing service with the ultimate repair of Pro-Keratin found in X-TENSO CARE. You have two choices depending on the permanent look you want to achieve:

  • Ultimate Straight Smoothing – straight and silky look until the ends of the hair 
  • Natural Straight Smoothing – straight and shiny with more natural movement

SRP – Keratin Steam Care (Long): PHP 2500 | (Short): PHP 1500
Keratin Steam Care Service - gives an anti-frizz smoothing effect that can last up to 3 days, if used for normal to slightly sensitive hair. But with continuous use with X-tenso Care, hair fibre is reconstructed from the inside out, preventing it from breakage and dryness.

Our host for the night, the very poised and glam Lia Ramos of Glamourbox :)

I was given a chance to try out Steampod, but since I have curly hair I opted for the Steam Care instead of the Steam Bond. At first I was scared as the procedure might affect my curls (and I love my curls a whole lot!) but I was reassured by the very friendly stylist Rey and Sir Cesar that my curls would still be intact after.

Now before the actual treatment, Sir Cesar checked my hair and commented that despite it being digipermed and colored, it was very, very healthy! I beamed :) I take conditioning very seriously and it's nice to hear a professional praise your crowning glory!

On to the treatment: my hair was washed using the L'Oreal X-tenso shampoo, then the Pro-keratin treatment was sprayed generously on my hair. After blow-drying my hair til it was about 80% dry, they ironed it using L'Oreal's revolutionary new product, The Steampod.

Looking at the photos above, I sort of missed my straight hair. Who knows, I might go back to my roots next year? :D

Oh well, me having straight hair again was short-lived because after that they applied the L'Oreal X-tenso Masque to further nourish my hair. After a soothing 20 minutes, my hair was rinsed well, towel-dried then another magnificent product was applied: the famous L'Oreal Mythic Oil.

Now hear me out: Ever since I had my hair curled, I've stayed away from oils and serums because they were too heavy and flattened my curls. I was assured (by the stylists and by Earth, who's a huge fan of the Mythic Oil) that it is very light and that I have nothing to fear.

After Rey generously applied the oil, he dried my hair using a diffuser attachment and then finger-styled it. The result? Soft, shiny and bouncy locks!

With Sir Cesar from Bench FIX Trinoma
With Mikki Galang and Earth Rullan

Here's the proof, taken as soon as I got home! My hair is very soft, shiny and curls are very defined! I'm sure, if I chose to have the Steam Bond instead, my hair would be as sleek, straight and shiny as my 8th photo above.

Girls, leave your ceramic irons at home and join this hair revolution! Your hair will thank you for it :)

Thank you, Mikki, for this wonderful opportunity!

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  1. Cool! Asia has better products for hair and makeup in general!

  2. Your curls look so gorgeous and well-defined! :)