Thursday, February 7, 2013

I went crazy shopping at Unarosa!

If it weren't for Bestie, I wouldn't have "discovered" Unarosa. Sure, I visit this store every now then but I didn't really pay much attention to their clothes. I always thought that the brand offered office-appropriate clothes targeted towards the older set, but boy was I wrong.

Sally was our SA for the day. She was very helpful :)
Last weekend I visited their biggest store at Shangri-mall. I was supposed to just claim a Php 500 gift certificate, but ended up spending around Php 4,000 *weep* Unarosa clothes aren't cheap but they are well-made and very sophisticated, I just couldn't resist. 

At the recent Unarosa end of season sale, most items were on 70% off -- I instantly zoomed in on the dresses and long-sleeved tops. I think I'm on a long-sleeved phase right now. 

Unarosa also offers accessories such as fancy jewelry, belts, bags, scarves and purses. Sorry, my iPhone camera does not do these clothes justice -- they are way prettier in person!

Here are a few of my favorite Unarosa dresses (you can check my Instagram @kirasworld, too!):

a pretty scarf dress
perfect for high tea*
Did you know that Unarosa is actually a local brand? I really love their vintage-inspired dresses and quirky prints, and I find their in-house designs something you can wear to stand out in a crowd. My "eyelash" dress (above) is my first Unarosa purchase and I paid full price for it! One of my best purchases ever and everyone at the SM Babies event kept asking where I got it :) 

For more info, check out:

PS: *Coincidentally, I also have another "eyelash" dress in a size 0 (size XS). I initially got the smaller size only to find out after the holidays that it doesn't fit me anymore -- I am now a size 1, folks! So now the size 0 is up for sale. Please email me at hello[at] if you're interested :)


  1. It was worth it naman. You look gorgeous in those dresses :)

  2. Hi Kira! Your post reminded of one pleasant visit at Unarosa SM The Block branch. Apart from the nice collection (I usually pay attention to the touch of the fabric first, and am attracted to neutrals), I also appreciated the excellent customer service and helpful fashion tips they provide. Hindi yung tipong maiilang ka sa presence while shopping.:D Just keeping in touch. We worked a long time ago when we featured you in Sheka over PTV-4.

    1. Hi Merry June! How are you? Nice of you to find me through my blog :)

      Yes I agree, I wasn't able to add that in this post but their SA's are very ma-PR! Sometimes too ma-PR that I end up buying more! But I love them to bits and am starting to love Unarosa, too, especially during sale season :)

      Thanks again for taking the time to comment! Hugs :)

  3. I spent more than 3k last December in UnaRosa!!! I find their SAs super helpful and not at all push-overs unlike other stores. their pieces are sophisticated and of great quality :)

    xx Dress Me Up Buttercup

  4. "Sometimes too ma-PR that I end up buying more!" - Exactly! Like when you're only planning to find a top but you end up buying the skirt too, dahil magaling mag-pair ang SA. It was also sale season when we visited and got 50% off.

    About finding you online, can't really remember how I started reading your posts. Maybe when I researched for our script, inadd na kita sa blog roll ko. Then whenever there's free time at work, I would hop from yours, to Shen's then Lauren Dado's (but I learned about the latter more recently na lang). :)

    Take care and keep the posts coming!