Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Be a Romantic Beauty with Glamourbox

For the past few days I have been hurrying home like crazy, hoping that my Glamourbox package will be there patiently waiting for me. I'd tear off the plastic packaging, carefully snip the adhesives and reveal the pristine white Glamourbox box and then (while biting my lip in anticipation) lift off the cover to reveal this month's beauty surprises.

That day finally came, and my Glamourbox couldn't have arrived at a better time. You see, I just came from an event and had just finished several errands which involved lugging my laptop around in this dreadful heat. As soon as I spotted a rectangular package by the staircase, my heart raced. 

So without further ado, here are the contents of this month's Glamourbox:

Php 500 Gift Card from CHI Dermatology Clinic
The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream sachets
Calvin Klein Beauty fragrance sample
Php 500 voucher from CUZO bags
35% off discount coupon from Wild Peach Cosmetics
KJI & Co Emergency Lash RX  (full-sized)
Snoe Oil for All Argan Oil sample
Carmez Squeeze Tube (full-sized)
Kerastase Fluide Oleo Relax (50ml)
The products that caught my eye right away were the KJI & Co Emergency Lash RX, Snoe Oil for All Argan Oil sample (perfect timing cos I was running out of Snoe's Argan Oil) and the Kerastase Fluide Oleo Relax which was a whopping 50ml! 

I can't wait to sign up for the March box! What about you, were you able to grab the elusive February Glamoubox?


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