Saturday, February 16, 2013

Aria Cucina Italiana Launches New Kids Menu

There's nothing more Italian than enjoying delicious food with family and friends. Now, Aria Cucina Italiana offers kiddie meals that will surely get the approval of your little ones. A private launch was set last Wednesday where we all got to try the new kids menu plus make our own pizza!

First to arrive was Jackie and her adorable Gabbie plus cutey pie Juro.

Then Athan, Ava and baby Asher arrived. Check us out as we try to create our own pizza masterpiece:

Athan was so excited and energetic that day! I love this little guy!

We were given 4 toppings: pineapple, mozzarella cheese and ham but since it was Ash Wednesday and I was abstaining from meat, I asked for greens and tuna chunks instead. Look at me, so serious about creating my own pizza:

I love mozzarella...
spreading it around evenly...
the pizza was popped in the oven for a few minutes...
Athan patiently waiting

Ta-daaaah! Presenting my own kiddie pizza! And take note, it's so fancy because I even topped it with arugula. The pizza may be small but it is rather filling and even though I topped mine with healthy stuff, it is still quite yummy. It's best paired with their famous Frozen Iced Tea :)

Ava and Jackie with their adorable kids
So go spend time with your family this weekend by taking your kids to Aria Cucina Italiana; and while you're at it, why don't you go ahead and create your own pizza, too!

For more info on Aria Cucina Italiana, like them on or make a reservation by calling 867-ARIA.

Disclosure: I work for Outsmark and Aria Cucina Italiana is one of our clients. This is not a sponsored post.


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