Tuesday, February 26, 2013

OOTD: Truffle

Actually, the title of this post had nothing to do with my outfit, rather, it was that fateful day when I stuffed myself silly with truffle-infused dishes. From the truffle pasta at Poco Deli, to the truffle pizza at Stella, then finally capping the day with truffle fries from Prive, it was truly one of my most memorable days/nights ever *burp*.

Top: Freeway | Printed pants: bazaar | Teal Sandals: Aldo 
Pardon the face, I had a full 17-hour day.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Skinklëns Gentle Cleanser: A Cetaphil Dupe?

Two weeks ago I ran out of my trusty ol' Cetaphil and while shopping in Watsons, spotted this gentle skin cleanser named Skinklëns. Curious, I chucked it into my basket and went straight to the cash register.

At first use, it really does seem like Cetaphil -- consistency and all. It smells a tad different and according to the ingredients list, it contains stabilized hydrogen peroxide which (after a quick Google) is said to help disinfect skin. There are also some negative effects reported, you can click the link for more info.

Skinklëns is also alcohol- and paraben-free which didn't aggravate my sensitive skin. The price ain't bad, too, only Php 263 (if I remember correctly) for a 250ml bottle.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Kite Flying at the 18th Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

This year's 18th Hot Air Balloon Fiesta was held at Omni Aviation and I was dead set on going because I had so much fun last year (click here to read all about it). Plus, it was sponsored by Philippine Airlines and my sister will be manning the PAL booth so of course I just had to go!

Mark and I arrived at Clark at around 12:30 pm (high noon!) and parked near Petron which is a good 30 minute walk to Omni Aviation, this year's Hot Air Balloon Fiesta venue. There were no other parking slots available and it was so hot, we wished we left Manila earlier so we could have parked outside Omni Aviation instead. But as it turned out this "far" parking worked to our advantage later in the day, we were able to get out to the main highway right away and didn't encounter any traffic. 

Anyway, all these inconveniences quickly melted away because upon entering, damn, the sky was beautiful. The weather was P-E-R-F-E-C-T. I can't wait to fly a kite!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Be a Romantic Beauty with Glamourbox

For the past few days I have been hurrying home like crazy, hoping that my Glamourbox package will be there patiently waiting for me. I'd tear off the plastic packaging, carefully snip the adhesives and reveal the pristine white Glamourbox box and then (while biting my lip in anticipation) lift off the cover to reveal this month's beauty surprises.

That day finally came, and my Glamourbox couldn't have arrived at a better time. You see, I just came from an event and had just finished several errands which involved lugging my laptop around in this dreadful heat. As soon as I spotted a rectangular package by the staircase, my heart raced. 

So without further ado, here are the contents of this month's Glamourbox:

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Fever London

As most of my work involves staying in the office with the occasional meetings and events during and after work, my wardrobe has somewhat "evolved" to include pieces that I can conveniently wear from day to night without having to stress over dress and shoe pairings. Hence, dresses have become my default, fail-proof outfit of choice.

I was sifting through my clothes yesterday and noticed that all of my dresses featured A-line skirts and cinched, garterized waists. Perfect for camouflaging a full belly, I thought to myself. Yes, apart from giving the illusion of having a smaller waist and a flatter tummy (especially when worn with a belt), A-line dresses and tunics are more comfy. Perfect for twirling and wards off our summer heat, too.

I was searching for fashion inspirations online and chanced upon Fever Designs, a UK-based brand whose signature style is based on striking prints, interesting color palettes and feminine silhouettes. Ah, a brand after my own heart :) I was instantly drawn to the 50s-inspired dresses with, you guessed it, cinched waists, and full skirts.

I couldn't help myself and I started saving my favorites for posterity -- I hope I could purchase some of these lovely dresses in the future. 

Chevron Sweetheart Dress

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Aria Cucina Italiana Launches New Kids Menu

There's nothing more Italian than enjoying delicious food with family and friends. Now, Aria Cucina Italiana offers kiddie meals that will surely get the approval of your little ones. A private launch was set last Wednesday where we all got to try the new kids menu plus make our own pizza!

First to arrive was Jackie and her adorable Gabbie plus cutey pie Juro.

Friday, February 15, 2013

My Enjoy 2013 Kit Giveaway Winners

Happy Friday everyone!

So sorry for the delay in announcement, but here are the winners of my Enjoy 2013 giveaway. Thank you to everyone how joined :)

Alexandra Lapa
Kamil Rolda
Reylyn Cruz

I've already submitted your details to Enjoy Philippines and your kits are on your way. Thank you again for joining and to my dear readers, I have another giveaway coming up so stay tuned! 

Images courtesy of Clara

Monday, February 11, 2013

Best of 2012: Brows

Now for the 2nd part of my "Best of 2012" post, BROWS! Well-groomed brows have made a huge difference in my life last year, and yes it took me years before I finally paid attention to everyone (hi Liz and Alex!) who clamored for me to please pay attention to my brows.

Here's how I looked like (straight hair and all) in 2010...

see what I mean? I look so....neneng

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Pretty in Pink Robinsons Beauty Fair Kick-Off Event

Robinsons Department Store together with the biggest young women's magazine, Cosmopolitan, is giving you the hottest event this year. The Pretty in Pink Beauty Fair main event will be held at the Atrium of Robinsons Place Manila on February 23, 2013 where you can score deals from your favorite makeup brands and get to enjoy activities with your girlfriends. Makeovers anyone?

At yesterday's kick-off event/launch at Robinsons Magnolia, were were treated to a lot of girly activities and sweet treats. I'm glad I spotted Rowena and Krissy at the event, I also saw Say but she was too busy and we didn't get a chance to say hi and catch up.

Want to see what happened at yesterday's event? Then read on below...

As the name implies, the theme was pink and saccharine from the setup to the food. We were made to choose which activities we were interested in and of course I chose "Love Reading", haha. This should be fun.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

I went crazy shopping at Unarosa!

If it weren't for Bestie, I wouldn't have "discovered" Unarosa. Sure, I visit this store every now then but I didn't really pay much attention to their clothes. I always thought that the brand offered office-appropriate clothes targeted towards the older set, but boy was I wrong.

Sally was our SA for the day. She was very helpful :)
Last weekend I visited their biggest store at Shangri-mall. I was supposed to just claim a Php 500 gift certificate, but ended up spending around Php 4,000 *weep* Unarosa clothes aren't cheap but they are well-made and very sophisticated, I just couldn't resist. 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

OOTD: Featherlight Partie Deux

I've been drowning in work since Saturday -_-

Anyway, here's a quick post of what I wore to the BYS makeup launch at Seda Hotel yesterday. Am re-using my favorite pants with feather prints first worn here

It was really nice to be able to hang out with favorite beauty bloggers. Thank you, Shen, for the invite. I shall write a separate post on the BYS cosmetics I got (oooh you will love the lipsticks as much as I do!) next week, so stay tuned. 

Monday, February 4, 2013

Sign up for the Anew Clinical Pro Line Corrector Free V.I.P. Trial today!

When I turned 30, the first thing I noticed (apart from the supposed weight gain) is that I wasn't as oily as I used to be, and there were some fine lines are starting to sprout around my eyes, mouth and forehead.

I am not on any hardcore anti-aging regimen just yet, but I think this is a good a time as any to start. I feel so honored that Avon, the company for women, sent me their newest product: the ground-breaking Anew Clinical PRO Line Corrector Treatment with AF-33. I have yet to try it, but let me give you some background on it first.

There has been a lot of fanfare regarding the Anew AF-33, most especially in the UK where it was first launched only recently. An estimate of 60,000 women were on the wait-list, each one excitedly vying for a chance to get first dibs on it.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Ensembles Wear My Design Winners for Spring 2013

It's great that a lot of retail brands are now recognizing our young local talents. Last year, Ensemble announced a fashion design competition giving aspiring designers a chance to be part of their Spring 2013 Dresses collection. From a hundred hopefuls, the list has been whittled down to 5. And now Ensembles presents the winners of their "Wear My Design" contest whose designs will be worn by ladies all over the country.

One of the key aspects of Ensembles is versatility, and these dresses do not disappoint: it's easy to transform these pieces from day to night with the right accessories, a darker lip and stunning stilettos.

Which one strikes your fancy?

Boss of Paradise by Mymy Ludovice Php1895

Friday, February 1, 2013

Join the Hair Revolution with L'Oreal's New Steampod

If you've always had your hair rebonded every year, and winced at the fact that your hair is being damaged with each ironing motion, then you might want to try the new L'Oreal Steampod. This touted "hair revolution" is the result of a great collaborative partnership between two well-respected brands -- L'Oreal and Rowenta. Steampod is the first ever hair smoothing iron that delivers a continuous stream of high-pressure steam, thus claiming that it is now possible to heat-style hair without compromising its health!
Steampod is the world’s first hair smoothing iron that delivers a continuous stream of pressurized steam from an in-built steam generator. This is in partnership with Rowenta, the world leader in household appliances and inventor of steam iron.
Why steam? 

  • Gently opens up the cuticle delivering the treatment into the core
  •  Gradually heats the hair preventing heat shock to prevent cuticle damage
  • Smooths down the cuticle sealing the ends for a flawless finish
Steampod is offered in only Bench FIX salons and you can choose from several services: