Sunday, January 20, 2013

Strip Manila's Gingerbread Cookie Wax

Finally, I got my G12 yesterday! Woohoo! I spent a good Php 8,750 for the lens replacement because it was dropped last Christmas and the lens couldn't retract anymore :( 

My friend, Shine, was nice enough to shoulder half of it (since her son, Shem, accidentally dropped it). So let it be known that whoever drops my camera next will have to pay the FULL amount! *insert evil laugh* 

Honestly, guys, I missed my G12 so much and I'm so glad I'm back to blogging mode :)

Anyway, this is a tad late but I was able to try Strip Manila's Gingerbread Cookie Wax last December. Of course, the moment I was invited I couldn't wait to be hair-free again. And a gingerbread-scented wax? Wow, what could be more Christmas-y than that?

I stepped into Strip Manila's Greenbelt branch and the Gingerbread scent wafted through the air. Ahhh...

As always, I am impressed with Strip's mantra of:

-  your Striperella will hand you your own moist towelette so you can "clean up" before the actual waxing begins
- Striperellas always wear latex gloves (let them know if you have any latex allergies)
- a waxing kit contains several spatulas to avoid double-dipping

- be hair-free in 15-30 minutes! No kidding!

- you will be hair-free in one go, the Striperellas never wax the same place more than once. Less irritation for sensitive coochies!

If you're a newbie, don't fret because the Striperellas are very thorough and are experts in their own right! If I remember correctly, my Striperella Cris mentioned that they have to train for 3 straight months before they become certified.

So how was my Gingerbread waxing session?

Admittedly, I wished the Gingerbread scent was as potent/strong as the Vanilla Cupcake Wax scent as the former was rather faint. Still, I was very happy with the results: hello baby-soft, hair-free skin in under 20 minutes! 

I got a free Gingerbread Cookie from after my session, freshly baked by Lisa Ugarte-Tirona. Contact her at 5064530 if you want to order. 

Here I am with veteran Striperella, Cristy, who's been with Strip Manila for years! Wow!
Strip Manila is set to launch another scent soon! I can't wait to try that, too! 

For more info visit Strip Manila on Facebook

Disclosure: Strip Manila is under ARC Public Relations, the sister company of Outsmark where I work as an Online Relationship Manager. 


  1. Loved the Gingerbread Wax! Super yummy ng scent. ;)

    1. Wow so fast! Haha! Can't wait to try the next citrus-scented wax :D

  2. i havent tried waxing ever and im so afraid to do it! i hope i can get the courage to and try this amazing gingerbread scent :D

    The Bargain Doll

    1. Rovie! Try it kahit once lang :) Strip Manila will take cre of you :D

  3. Haven't tried any form of waxing yet except for the Sally Hansen DIYs which I stopped doing already.
    I was invited several times to try all sorts of waxing from up there to down under. But I always chicken out. XD

    1. You might want to try it even just once :) With Strip, I've noticed that it doesn't hurt *as much* as the other salons. Feels very clean and liberating after, too :D