Sunday, January 13, 2013

Planning the year right with my Strip Manila planner

One of my favorite establishments this year is Strip Manila. After experiencing their brazilians here, I swore never to go back to my old waxing salon. The procedure offers less pain, I am hair-free longer, and the Striperellas are lovely and friendly.

Anyhoo, I'm not one for planners as usually all my meetings/event dates are either: a) in my head, b) in my notebook (I like being old school), or c) in my mobile phone. But, I don't think I can resist Strip Manila's exclusive press gift last Christmas -- not with the very thick high grade paper, interesting Strip images (featuring Jenny the Orangutan), and endless blank pages for doodles, wishlists, shopping lists, etc. 

Congratulations, Strip, on your 10th Anniversary! And thank you for this thoughtful Christmas gift! 


  1. It's cute! We have the same feeling, after trying out Strip, I'm never having a Brazilian anywhere else! :D

    1. I love how they prioritize hygiene! Very different from the other waxing salons ;)