Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Photo Story: Bloggers United 4

I am so lucky that I get to join Bloggers United with some of my favorite beauty and fashion bloggers. The last one was held at World Trade Center alongside the yearly Worldbex Christmas bazaar, you can tell that there was going to be a LOT of shopping at this particular event.

Partnered with Alex and armed with bags and bags of clothes, I was prepared to sell all my dresses, shoes and bags with the goal of using whatever I earned towards buying Christmas gifts for my sister, Mom and Dad. I was intent on keeping my Christmas pay for myself and saving it for this year's travel escapades.

So anyway, if you were not able to go here are some photos for you:

Me, Alex. Nio, John
Alex brought in the usual suspects: designer-slash-stylists Nio and John. They were so much fun! And they also designed, created and styled Alex's outfits :)

cutie-patootie Bestie
charming Krissy
Butuan bloggers
Fabgelous Gelo Arucan
with one of my readers Zeti Cuenca
with the sweetest, Czar Carbonel of Ogilvy
Niche Dumlao
the effervescent Kelly Medina
Charm-basador Sophie Uy and Liz Lanuzo
Niche, Tracy, Angela
my favorite graphic artist, Lai Reyes 
I literally chased Woobie for this photo!
with Paul Chuapoco
By day 2, I was really down with sniffles and cough and had no voice! I was half contemplating if I should push through with it or just stay home and rest, and obviously I chose the former. More photos below:

Jeff of Thinline
Ava with baby Asher
Paul and Marj Sia
Finally! I have a photo with Mike Magallanes!
with my previous bazaar partner, Cat of Bedazzle
Twas truly another fun and memorable experience to meet all my favorite bloggers and readers. Because of you (and with a little shopping restraint) I was able to sell all my clothes and earn enough money to buy Christmas gifts! Yay!

See you all at the next Bloggers United this summer! Thank you Pax, Ana and Melai for always inviting me :)


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