Friday, January 4, 2013

MUMI: My Ultimate Mix of It bags

Last Christmas, I bid goodbye to my Samsung mobile and finally became a statistic -- I am now a proud owner of several Apple products. And to think for the longest time, I resisted owning anything from the brand -- I deemed it as too expensive and overrated. (Un)fortunately, my Dad and sister think otherwise. So they gave me my first iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Mini. Wow talk about intervention.

As always the first thing that I scout for when I have new gadgets are protective films and cases, so much so that I scoured the malls on Christmas day just because I like keeping my gadgets in pristine condition. The carrying case took longer though, as even Power Mac didn't have cases for the new iPod Touch.

While shopping in Greenhills the week after Christmas, I spotted MUMI Bags in Theatre Mall. I was drawn obviously to the candy-colored cases and the cursive font. Ah cute aesthetics, always my waterloo.

The cute name, MUMI, stands for My Ultimate Mix of It bags. They have quite an assortment of wallets, bags, gadget cases, etc. It truly is a one-stop shop, and located smack in the middle of Theatre Mall where stores mostly sell Bangkok clothes and accessories. What a breath of fresh air, wouldn't you agree?

And then I spotted these cute wristlets which can snugly fit the iPod Touch and the iPhone -- ingenious! Made of easy-to-clean leatherette material, it comes in 6 colors (blue, yellow, neon green, purple and orange) and cost only Php 250. Perfect! A lightweight case that houses 2 gadgets and is priced well within my budget. Hurrah!

I immediately tried it on for size....

...and voila! Fits like a glove! 

 How do you travel with your gadgets? What other [fun and colorful] cases would you recommend?

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  1. hi may i ask san nyo nabili yun case nyo ng iphone and how much thanks

    1. Hi Natalia! My Mercury iPhone case was purchased in korea :) You can also check Zalora :)

  2. Cuuute! One of the fun things about owning an iPhone are the cases! lol

    1. I know, haha! But I'm pretty happy with mine now ;)