Friday, January 11, 2013

Mixing & Matching with Veloci Watches

I've always considered myself as somewhat of an average dresser. My closet is comprised of basic stuff (plain tops, well-fitting jeans, A-line dresses) and my shoes gravitate towards the classic ballet flats, strappy sandals and the occasional colored wedges. I don't consider myself trendy or bold in my fashion choices, I've always reserved that for the fashion bloggers out there. 

one of my favorite OOTDs (click here)
My jewelry selection is also very prudent -- a classic ladies watch, gold or pearl studded earrings, and maybe a bracelet or two. It may be boring but what I always focused on was to look clean and decent at all times. Being comfy is also tops in my book, I would rather flats or wedges any day especially since I commute to work.

Occasionally though, I'd spike my look with colorful and quirky accessories or a really standout watch like Veloci.

The Italian-inspired VELOCI watch collection gives new life to iconic silhouettes of classic watch designs through the play of differently-colored watch dials and watch straps to bring about a young, fresh, and stylish look. 
Veloci watches are made with stainless steel watch cases, high grade Japanese movements and equipped with high quality NATO straps. 
I'm sure you've encountered colorful watches before, so what makes Veloci special? First off, each timepiece comes with 3 high quality NATO straps of different colors and color patterns, specifically chosen by a resident stylist. The straps come off quite easily and will fit all wrist sizes -- I say this with much conviction because my wrists are tiny and all my watches need adjustment. To my delight there are several extra holes and the strap itself can be shortened via looping, check it out:

The straps are interchangeable and are available for purchase at Asprey stores for only Php 350. Veloci also releases new straps periodically, the new batches have a little bit of leather detail to them. You can always update your look via new straps, as such you will never be bored with these babies. 

At the event last Tuesday, we were all asked to choose our own Veloci watches. I initially wanted a more masculine style, but I almost shrieked when I spotted this pink number. Oh my, pink, at my age?! Why not!

Here I am with Kristine, one of my readers whom I've been dying to meet! I love what she got, a gorgeous black bezel watch.

A photo of my 2 extra straps (when purchased, your Veloci is encased in a durable plastic display case):

With numerous combinations and style choices, I can wear my Veloci watch with different ensembles to match my moods. Which Veloci strikes your fancy?

For more information on VELOCI watches you can check them out in various ASPREY stores and selected L TIMESTUDIO boutiques and TIME GEAR boutiques or you can check out


  1. I love the OOTD post, I too have a very simple style, it is nice to bring in colour pops with accessories, like your watch.

    1. Thank you! It's my default outfit: a crisp white shirt, jeans and ballet flats :)

  2. I love how you could make your outfit fun with that watch! And yay for the interchangeable straps! :)


    1. Hi Mish! Yeah, I think I want the upcoming nylon/leather straps that I saw at the event :) Hope you get to check out Veloci in-stores this weekend!

  3. Ms. Kira! Thanks for sharing our pic together! I still can't get over the fact that I've met you! FINALLY! ♥ Life is full of surprises indeed! Hugs :)

    1. Nice to finally meet you, Kristine! Yaaaay! Thanks for being a loyal reader and supporter of my blog :D