Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hair Heroes Intense Argan Oil Conditioner

Argan Oil has been the "it" ingredient for a while now, showing up in facial creams, bath and body products and hair conditioners. I was skeptical at first, and took my time before jumping on the Argan Oil bandwagon. Last year I purchased Argan Oil in its pure form, and just recently I decided to try the famous Snoe Beauty Argan Oil Conditioner.

Lavish your hair with the revolutionary liquid gold oil, grown in Morocco. With its multi-tasking benefits, Snoe’s 5-in-one Argan Oil easily absorbs into your hair follicle to give your hair that healthy sheen. It has astonishing conditioning and anti-aging properties to keep your hair nourished and revitalized, to keep you looking beautiful. Change the way you clean your hair! 
Key ingredients: 
Argan Oil - restores damaged areas, split-end protection, prevents further damage caused by styling and outdoor activities, improves hair elasticity and reduces hair loss due to breakage 
Wheat Protein - anti-inflammatory, prevents hair breakage, moisturizes 
Moringa extract - strengthens hair fiber, protects against environmental stress and pollution, improves hair surface, protects hair keratin quality after UV damage 
Indian Sienna - improves hair surface, aids in maintaining the vibrant sheen of hair color
Price: Php 499/250ml 
A lot of bloggers and fans have been raving about this wonder product, and here's what I think about it after using it for 3 straight weeks (FYI, I only used it as a regular conditioner):

Long-lasting scent
Ah, I always have difficulty accurately describing scents, and I'll say that this particular Hair Heroes resembles the scent of coconuts. The scent last for hours, longer than the Pure Beauty Treatment Conditioner, but not as potent as TIGI Bed Head's Resurrection.

Soft, lustrous locks
I noticed that my hair is definitely softer, but somehow my curls last longer. Of course, I still use my styling products as the conditioner alone will not hold the curls. But comparing this with the Pure Beauty Conditioner, my hair looks more hydrated and healthy.

Another thing, Hair Heroes also contains Indian Sienna which is said to maintain the vibrancy of hair color. This is another plus in my book since as per my last consultation at JuRo I was advised that in order to prolong the life of your hair color, be sure to use a color-enhancing shampoo and/or conditioner.

A dark bottle ensures that the product stays "fresh" as it helps shield it from sunlight. However, am a bit disappointed with the pump as it is too short and only squirts out product. Since the formula is thick, a bigger pump would be better and more convenient to use in the shower, especially for people like me who are generous with conditioner application.

No ingredients list
Much to my dismay, the Hair Heroes label (or website) does not contain the full ingredients list. For someone who's a bit picky with ingredients and their hierarchy, I really hope this is something Snoe Beauty will choose to declare in the future.

A little bit more expensive at Php 499/250ml compared to the Pure Beauty Treatment Conditioner which goes for Php 249/500ml.

Pour Conclure

I'm happy to report that Hair Heroes Intense Argan Conditioner is slowly becoming one of my favorite hair treatment products.  I like the scent, the curl definition and how it has improved (in my opinion) the overall health of my hair (no split ends, only softness and shine). I still find the price expensive though, and sometimes alternate this with my loyal Pure Beauty Conditioner.

The multi-purpose aspect of the Hair Heroes Intense Argan Oil Conditioner is pretty cool, too! It says you can use this as a cleansing conditioner, deep treatment mask, leave-on treatment, regular conditioner and detangler. I use it as a shaving cream, too, when I'm in a pinch!

However, as far as conditioners with Argan Oil goes, I can't say if this is the best out there. Without a full ingredients list, I wouldn't be able to check how much Argan Oil is in each bottle or if it's really the Argan Oil that's softening my hair (could be dimethicones or the wheat protein).

On the downside, I experienced dandruff and severe scalp itching after using this for several weeks straight. So unfortunately as much as I love the curl definition this product gives, I am unable to even use up my first bottle :(

To shop, visit snoebeauty.shopinas.com


  1. Your hair looks definitely amazing with Snoe Beauty's Hair Heroes Intense Argan Oil! You'll love their Intense UV Thermal Barier Shield which acts as shield the hair from the harmful effects of hot tools and sunlight! You did an awesome review Kira! ^_^


    Get the Snoe Beauty Fine, Fun and Fabulous look here:


  2. Love love love your hair in that photo though I'm still skeptical about this product because I too uses Purebeauty and it works for me and its cheaper too.

    Beauty Colada

    1. Hi jaja! I love Pure Beauty more so I am sticking with it! :D

  3. I read many good reviews about Snoe's hair heroes intense argan oil conditioner, plus its good for colored hair. But I'm still hesitant to buy it because its even pricier than imported conditioners. But I guess its worth it naman?

    1. It's great that it worked for most people, it gave me dandruff after weeks of use. It's not hiyang with my sensitive scalp/skin :(