Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cutey Charm Collection Giveaway Winners

We have TWO winners! Yay!

Janice Marjo Nuevas

"If I would be a charm bracelet i want to be called "ISIS" (Egyptian Goddess of Magic and Giver of Life) because i want to be a good example of woman empowerment, femininity and adored by many by helping other people in need especially to those woman that are taken for granted by the society/husbands."

Hazel Grace Bellen

"If I would be bracelet, I want to be called Athena, the goddess of wisdom and battle strategy because women nowadays should not only be beautiful but wise and intelligent. I firmly believe that even beauty may fade away by aging, wisdom and knowledge will stay with us throughout the good times and bad times. It is more important for me to be intelligent and knowledgeable than beautiful."

Congratulations! Please send me your complete names, contact numbers and mailing addresses to hello[at] :)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Know Any Good Hypnotists?

I talk to my "shrink" almost every day. I say almost because as much as I find talking to him enjoyable, I believe it would not be best for me and my sanity to be too reliant on him. After all, he is not really a shrink, but rather a close friend who is well-versed in the study of the mind. And also the fact that I've known him for roughly 7 years also means I can trust him completely and tell him whatever and he'd still give me his well-rounded opinion.

Last night while talking on the phone, I asked him blatantly: "Can you hypnotize me?" To which he replied, "I don't know how but my fiancee is good at it. Why?" I jokingly answered (though we all know jokes are half-meant): "I want to erase the last 6 4 years of my life, but then again I still want to remember my friends and some awesome experiences I had. Can you do selective erasing instead?" To which my he quipped, "Look, Kira, we are psychologists. We are not the Men In Black!"

I thought that conversation was really funny and well, disappointing to say the least (my mouth is pursed as of writing). As much as I want to shortcut everything, I guess it's just not possible. And so on nights when I should be going out and hitting the town (I haven't done this in a long time and as such I don't know how to begin "hitting the town"), I curl up in bed and read a good book. Is this what 30-something people do now? Go to work, meet friends, have dinner or go to the movies, then lie in bed and read a good book? Nothing against Eat Pray Love (which is awesome btw), but I sorta wish there was something else I could do. With my limited income, maybe travelling is my best bet for the year.

And as much as it is so enticing to go back and rely on old habits and relationships, I know this is not the best way to go about "living my life to the fullest." So in the meantime, maybe I can get away with a good hypnotist first. Know any? Really now. Let me know in the comments (okay I'm kidding...or am I?)

Before I go back to work, let me leave you with one of my favorite quotes from the book:

"Someday you're gonna look back on this moment of your life as such a sweet time of grieving. You'll see that you were in mourning and your heart was broken, but your life was changing...” 

"When the karma of a relationship is done, only love remains. It's safe. Let go.” 

Shape Up with Jockey

If ever you've envied other women who always seem to look well-together and too perfect, well, you can be pretty sure they have the clothing basics down pat. Aside from having the confidence (very important!), they are probably guarding a well-kept secret -- seamless underwear and slimming undetectable shapewear.

Last week, Jockey introduced their newest collection -- the Jockey Shapewear and the NPLP or No Panty Line Promise. Unsightly bulges, muffin tops and VPLs will soon  be a thing of the past with these babies.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Find the Perfect Foundation in Two Minutes!

What can you do in two minutes? Check emails, check tweets, cook an egg....why, you can even choose your own foundation! Lancome proudly introduces its new app that aims to take out the guesswork in choosing the right foundation for your skin type and color.

The Lancome Complexion Finder is so easy to use: just choose which among the 9 faces is closest to your skin tone, then decide whether you want Matte / Radiant, or Compact / Fluid.

My personal choice is Matte and Fluid (I am a sucker for liquid foundation) and so I ended up with this: the famous Teint Miracle in BO02. An almost perfect skin match, if I may say so myself. Thank you to Lancome for sending me this, I am currently using it and will post a review soon :)

For  more information visit Lancome on Facebook

Monday, May 28, 2012

Dessert Overload at Parvati

Since I now have the leisure of going out with friends anytime and anywhere (pretty much), I've been open to the idea of hanging out with [new] people and discovering new places. Parvati has been nestled on the lower ground floor of Trinoma mall. Can't say that this is new because I always see it but I've never gone around to eating there (go figure). It was only after much prodding from Krissy that I decided to "Oh sure let's check it out since we're all drowning our sorrows anyway," haha.

Although primarily known as a dessert place, Parvati now serves -- tadaaah! -- sandwiches and light snacks. We chose the Chicken Pot Pie (Php 200) and split it accordingly. The photo above is my half, which didn't look and taste too appealing. I seriously missed my Mom's tuna casserole which is homemade and tastes loads better. Sorry, Parvati.

OOTD: Bedecked in Coral

Coral top: Forever 21 | Jeans: Bench | Sandals: Ferretti | Collar necklace: Bedazzle
I came from the office which explains my laid-back and casual outfit. Noticeably, I've been choosing comfort over fashion lately since I commute to and from work. I'm with Krissy and Ana in the first photo.

with Krissy of
Here's a better photo of the necklace. Everyone was raving about it, it truly is one of my favorite pieces :)

Aaand I miss my blog friends! Check out Julia, Shen and Martha online :)

Some photos grabbed from the ARC Public Relations fan page

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Happy 9th Birthday, P-nut!

To make P-nut's birthday xxtra special, he's getting a whole bowl of Cesar Lamb (aside from his usual kibble) plus Pedigree Dentastix (a generous gift from the pet store).

I don't know why we got a pink candle this time, haha.

EQ fail! Hahahaha! Happy birthday to my little man! We love you! <3

Check out last year's birthday photos here

Friday, May 25, 2012

My Kind of Coral: Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Lipstick in Island Glow

I've been on the lookout for the perfect coral pink shade, and it's funny how I've succumbed to purchasing high-end lipsticks, only to find the ideal shade from Avon.

Yup, a Php 199 product took my breath away.

Luxurious moisture, super-saturated colour. Targets dryness with hydrosphere technology. Contains jojoba oil and vitamin A, C, and E.  
Price: Php 199 (sale)

Take the Road Less Travelled

I woke up today half wanting to curl up in bed and spend the remaining 17 hours sleeping and zoning out, while the other half was nagging me to get up and get ready for work already. Guess which half won?

Guess again. I am now at work and sneaking a blog entry, haha.

I am quite relaxed today, if not a wee bit excited. I stayed up until 4am with one of my closest friends, we had kebab and coffee and talked, and talked, and talked. If there is one person in the world whom I would choose to talk to day in, day out, it would that person. I feel, extremely fortunate to be blessed with good friends. This person in particular, has been my beacon of trust and hope for the past several years. When  someone knows you and your idiosyncrasies down to your inner core and still accepts you for who you are, then you must be the luckiest person in the world. And I feel that way today.

My life this month has been a rollercoaster of emotions. My co-workers and friends (those who know) would agree that I've been dealing with a lot of negativity, confusion and uncertainty. I questioned a lot of things, even myself and my own decisions.

But the answers, unbeknownst to me, were already laid out in front of me. I was just too chicken to take the first step.

Well eventually, I had to. And it opened a whole new world of possibilities. Sometimes life pushes us to do something really out of our comfort zone, and you just have to take the road less travelled and hope for the best. God, after all, will not give us more than we can handle.

So that's that. And hopefully I get my blog back on track. SOON.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Cool down with Sebastian's Ice Cream

Took my family out for Sebastian's after a hearty dinner at Racks.

I had the Red Velvet Chilly Burger (with cookies and cream cheese ice cream). I didn't really like this, wish I just stuck with the Salted Caramel ice cream.

My sister had Chocolate Velvet which is sugar-free but was still delectably sweet.

My Lola had the Salted Caramel Ice Cream while my Mom had Blueberry Cheesecake.

How was your weekend? Mine was, well, kinda drab. Can't wait to go on vacation. I'm sorta down nowadays so forgive me for the lack of posts. I still attend events though, so say HI if you spot me!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Review: Monea Powerdose Hair Supplement - Hair Repair

On days when I want bouncy and fluffy hair, I turn to Monea's Powerdose Hair Supplement, this was one of the products given to me by JTomasCollection last month.

The Monea Powerdose Hair Supplement - Hair Repair is a regenerative hair supplement for dry, coarse, brittle, porous or heavily damaged hair caused by hair dyeing/ bleaching, perming, straightening and frequent exposure to thermal styling tools. Its intensive conditioning Keratin content strengthens and revitalizes the weakened hair making it vibrant with glow.
Directions: Apply to wet hair after shampoo. Distribute HAIR REPAIR from hair roots to tips. Leave in for 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse hair with water. Apply HAIR REPAIR 3 times a week. Use SWALLOW AVOCADO OIL SHAMPOO to maintain hairs' strength. 
Price: Php 165
I know, I know, you're probably thinking that it says "intensive conditioning" and yet I use this to get bouncy and fluffy hair. Well the truth is, compared to my Pure Beauty Treatment Conditioner, the Monea Powerdose feels like a lighter conditioner. It rinses out easily and doesn't weigh down hair as much, however it's not as moisturizing either.

One good point is it is heavily fragranced which results to sweet-smelling hair the whole day (no amoy araw with this product).

Essentially, it's a good interim conditioner for times when I have meetings and events and I need to have sweet-smelling hair even after office hours. But in terms of hair softening benefits, I still rely on my Pure Beauty Treatment Conditioner. 

What about you, have you tried the Monea Powerdose Hair Supplement?

For more information visit

Have a Super-sized Summer with JanSport!

Supercharge and super-size your summer with the JanSport Super Sized Summer event happening on May 27 at the SM Mall of Asia Grounds.

Event details:

Registration Period: March - May 15, 2012
Register at the following stores:
Bratpack: Robinson’s Manila, Robinson’s Galleria, Eastwood, Gateway, Greenbelt 5, SM The Block The Travel Club: Trinoma, SM Megamall, SM Mall of Asia
Registration Fee: Php500/600

Event date: June 3, 2012
Venue: SM Mall of Asia Grounds

The lucky pair will get to bring home cash prizes worth Php 20,000, Php 30,000 and Php 50,000 - a memorable, winning summer, after all, is sure to be Super Sized. 

For more information you can visit JanSport's Facebook page:

Saturday, May 12, 2012

A First Glimpse of Ever New

Check out Ever New which just opened in BHS today! Fans of Promod and Parfois will definitely delight in this new store:


Friday, May 11, 2012

See you all at Bloggers United 3!

Bloggers United Strikes Three!

Third time’s the charm for the most anticipated fashion bloggers event in the country!

Bloggers United is staging their third bloggers bazaar this June 2 at the Grandview Events Place to once again gather Manila’s top fashion bloggers in one single venue outside of the World Wide Web. After holding two successful events last year, Bloggers United has easily become one of the most anticipated affairs for both fashion bloggers and readers in the metro.  More than just a bazaar, Bloggers United also partners with charitable groups to use and channel their influence in a positive manner.

Through the overwhelming power of social media and blogs in today's generation, the previous Bloggers United events have successfully joined forces with top fashion bloggers like Laureen Uy, Camille Co, Kryz Uy and many more to inspire their followers and to raise funds for various beneficiaries, namely KIDS Foundation and GMA Kapuso Foundation. This time around, the event will benefit Operation Smile Philippines.

Macaroni and Cheeeese

At my recent trip to Apt1B, I found out that my beloved Truffle Pasta has now been delisted from the menu! *sob* According to my officemate, I should try out their Macaroni & Cheese which is tops in his book. 

So here it is, the famed Mac & Cheese (Php 490) which contains a thick layer of American cheddar, mozzarella and Parmesan plus lots of Italian sausage mixed in. It was really good, the gooeyness of the cheese really made all the difference...

...but then again, there is such a thing as too much cheese. I am a cheese lover myself but I seriously couldn't finish the whole dish. I guess I really prefer my Truffle pasta over this. Le sigh.

What other pasta places can you recommend that offers sensational Truffle-infused dishes?

Thursday, May 10, 2012

You "Glow", Mom!: A VMV Mother's Day Promo

VMV Celebrates Mother's Day With Skin-Safe Gift Ideas! Get a FREE limited edition sLIP Lipstick Pouch  (the sleekest, most elegant way for mom to keep her beauty tools handy!) for your qualified purchase of P2,500 worth of VMV Products (inclusive of any Skintelligent Beauty Lipstick).

The sLIP Lipstick Pouch comes in a gorgeous saffron with 3 compartments perfectly sized for our Skintelligent Beauty Lipsticks, plus a pull-out mirror.

This promo runs until May 31, 2012.

PLUS! A skin pampering treat that moms and daughters will truly enjoy!

A uniquely fun + healthy day of bonding for Moms & Daughters! Book a pampering session at a VMV Skin-Specialist Boutique near you! May 11-13 only!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Artdeco Cosmetics Now Available in Beauty Bar

After being on hiatus for quite a while, Artdeco is now back with a vengeance! Artdeco is Germany's #1 makeup brand that started in 1985. It is owned and founded by Helmut Baurecht whose Artdeco Cosmetic Group was awarded the Beauty World Cup in 2005 for his unique brand concept.

Personally, I've always seen Artdeco in department stores across the metro. I've bought a brow powder/pencil or two from them, but I was really dismayed that they didn't offer a lot of products.

If you've ever felt the same away about this brand, then you're in for a treat because Artdeco has brought a whole spread of beauty products to the Philippines! Don't believe me? Check out this quick coverage on the event held last week at Beauty Bar.

Monday, May 7, 2012

The Cutey Charm Collection Giveaway - CLOSED

Dearest Ashley,

I have garnered quite a number of cute bracelets, but your unique prêt a porter charm bracelets are my favorites so far.

cutey is a baby company, just setting out in the world, but our path is clear and we’re looking forward to bringing you more artisanal products. 
Our pieces feel weighty and expensive – you’ll certainly know you’ve got cutey on your wrist – yet they’re priced to keep the joy in your investment. We’re so confident that you’ll fall in love with your purchase that we send each piece off knowing we won’t meet again. 

Eros - The God of Love and all that means – pinks and greens, hearts and kisses, this piece celebrates love. If you’re a man, your woman will love it. If you’re getting married, this will remind your special girls of your day. Romantic, unashamedly female and full of unmistakable romance.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

No Sweat: a Driclor dupe?

Sweat is our body's natural way of cooling down but let's all admit that apart from body odor, armpit sweat stains are soo unattractive, yes?

For years I've been a staunch user of Driclor, a strong anti-perspirant manufactured by Stiefel Laboratories which contains  Aluminium Chlorohydrate as its active ingredient. I've been using it for almost 3 years mainly because I don't want to bother with applying deodorant each and every single day. With proper use (please read the leaflet enclosed, I cannot stress this enough!) I can go on for 2 months with just 1 single application.

The only downside is, it has so be used properly and sparingly because Driclor and really irritate your skin and cause itchiness. There are also specific instructions like avoiding shaving, plucking or waxing 24-48 hours before and after application. It's pretty strong stuff, I tell ya, but the comfort of not having to think about perspiration or staining your clothes is pretty good for me so I make do.

My Driclor was set to expire last month, and it was really timely that JTomas Collections sent me their newest product aptly called No Sweat. I was advised that it is gentler than Driclor and contains less of the Aluminium Chlorohydrate. It also guarantees no sting nor itchiness, unlike Driclor.

J.Tomas Body Solutions' NO SWEAT spray is a gentle hydro alcohol solution for excessive sweating of the armpits, chest, back, hands, and feet. At 60% concentration of aluminum chlorhydrate, it keeps skin dry for long hours.
1. Ensure that the affected areas are totally dry before spraying with J.Tomas Body Solutions No Sweat. 
2. Preferably spray on sweat prone areas after bath. Use sparingly everyday. 
3. Do not spray on irritated skin or areas with open wound. 
4. Ideal for all skin types. 
Price: Php 88.00/50ml

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Mega-fun at the Bedazzle Pinwheel Party

A long, long time ago when I was my artsy and crafty self, I joined Multiply and created hand painted necklaces under the EarthlyDelights label. Shorty after, I was featured in glossies and on TV then I met Cat of Bedazzle in one of the shoots. Having both crafty inclinations, we started to join bazaars together. And we worked out quite well as a team, I have to say, we always sold out our items by the second day.

Fast forward to now, I've "abandoned" my online shop and currently write for a living (and yes I handle social media for brands on the side, too), while Cat has her own Bedazzle store on the 3rd floor of University Mall, Taft Avenue. She still creates lovely accessories, joins bazaars and teaches crafts to kids and corporate clients.

Looking back, I'd like to think that I am quite lucky to have had so many awesome and different friends. And yes, I do miss selling and meeting customers a whole lot -- sometimes I wonder if I am on the right path now. Is anyone ever sure of what they want to do in life now? Do you plan everything by the book or do you leave some of it to chance?

Anyway musings aside, Cat celebrated her store's anniversary and her upcoming birthday with an intimate Pinwheel Party in Cerealicious, UM. You see, because I've been so busy with office work now I rarely get to hang out with my other friends (as I almost always hang out with bloggers and office mates now), so the Pinwheel Party was definitely something that I was excited about and helped organize (special thanks to Charlene of Cerealicious!).

The party was set for 3pm but since I am anal about time, I was the first to arrive! And I won a prize for it, too! Yea!

Friday, May 4, 2012

A Bigger and Brighter Ferretti Store

Small feeters, listen up! A bigger and better Ferretti store just opened this week and you know I was really excited to check out the new place. I can imagine rows and rows of shoes, know the deal! Join me as I visit my favorite shoe store:

The new store is definitely brighter and more inviting. Do you think I purchased anything that day? Read on to find out!