Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Neutrogena Philippines store is now OPEN!

Happy weekend folks! For those of you who are on a staycation (Kira raises hand!), take this time to relax, catch up on sleep, play with your dog and read a good book. And for the shopaholics, it's also the best time to get some shopping done as well! Hate crowded malls and traffic? Then shopping online is the answer to your problems!

Neutrogena finally jumped on the bandwagon and launched their online store which is accessible via their Facebook page. Last week, we were invited to an intimate dinner in M Cafe to experience the ease of shopping online for our favorite Neutrogena products.

Here's what you need to do:

1. Like Neutrogena Philippines on Facebook, click on the "Buy Now" tab
2. To include a product in your shopping cart, just click "buy" on the product of your choice.

3. The shop will prompt you to create your own account with Lish. Just click "Connect with Facebook" and fill in the necessary details (name and address). You can change the currency as well (sometimes it shows up in USD not Phil. Peso).

4. After that, you can opt to continue shopping or go to checkout and pay via credit card or Paypal. Neutrogena offers FREE shipping for orders of Php 1,500 and above.

Jessa the enabler!
As a treat, we were given Php 2,000 credits and were asked to spend them online! Oooh decisions, decisions. At first I was keen on getting more sunscreen (typical me!) then Jessa pointed out that Neutrogena's famous Body Oil (which was purportedly almost sold out in stores) was in stock! So after grabbing a tester, slathering it on my arm, and sniffing it for 10 minutes (the fresh floral fragrance has proven to be quite addicting), I was sold and decided to include it in my cart.

Thank you, Mr. Omar :)
Say and Donna shopping!
Happy campers: Alex, Jessa, Me, Say, Helga and Donna
plus the lovely Neutrogena marketing team: Via, Tin, Omar
Delivery to Metro Manila addresses will take 3-5 business days, whilst deliveries to provinces will take 5-7 days via courier. The shop initially offers a small selection of Neutrogena faves including their famous Hydroboost and Fine Fairness range.

And like clockwork, my shipment (neatly bubble-wrapped, I might add), arrived in 3 days! Hooray!

Neutrogena's new online store is definitely an easier way to shop once you get the hang of it. Of course having to enter your deets may be cumbersome initially, but it's smooth sailing once you've got that part done. And the selection is limited at this time as they don't have the other products (like the Fine Fairness BB Cream) available for online purchase, but the roundup will improve in the months to come.

If ever you've always scoured Watsons or department stores and your well-loved moisturizer or facial product is sold out, then chances are you can still purchase them online. Check out Neutrogena Philippines today and start shopping!


  1. I've heard good things about the body oil but I'm still finishing up my lotions and olive oil mist. I want the hydroboost gel moisturizer with SPF, hope the scent won't irritate me so that it can replace my moisture surge!

    1. Hi Kari! I want to write a separate feature on the body oil. It's very light and is absorbed by the skin really well, I was so amazed. The smell though is a bit strong, but very fragrant. I know in the US they have an unscented version.

      The bestseller so far is the Hydroboost Gel with SPF 30. You might want to try it, hope it doesn't break you out :)

  2. ay wow its an online thing! so nice :D neutrogena is something i havent tried but i heard good reviews about it :D
    The Bargain Doll

    1. Hi Rovie! I'm so surprised you've never tried Neutrogena! My sister and I really love their Norwegian line which unfortunately isn't available in the Phils.

      In any case if you do decide to purchase online, try the Ultra Sheer sunscreen, it's one of my favorite skin protectors. Offline, try the BB cream too :)

  3. I want to order the Complete Acne Therapy System and I it's not available on your Facebook store. Can i still directly order it from you and how much? I'm Romel from Davao City by the way :)
    Feel free to email me the details @ Thanks!

  4. Hello po..where can i buy Neutrogena Hydro Boost Moisturizer here in Davao City.. canu reply on my mail?hehehe supah thanks..