Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Ink Squad: Graphic Tees by YOU!

I first encountered The Ink Squad back in 2005 during one of my bazaars at Rockwell, and I found the team (Trina and Ramon) to be quite a friendly bunch. I loved their quirky designs!

The Ink Squad is a local creative community that believes in a design democracy meaning YOU submit shirt designs, YOU choose what you like, YOU wear shirts you like. It's pretty straightforward! And get this: if someone else buys a shirt with your print on it, you get 5% royalty!

Ink Squad has been dormant for a while and I'm happy to report that they are back! Oh how I missed Galgathor! I was given the chance to score my own limited edition tee, and it finally arrived last week.

Each printed t-shirt costs only PhP 490.00 -- a price more reasonable than most t-shirt private labels in the market. The t-shirts used are made from 100% cotton and manufactured with the same quality and standards as renowned high-end international t-shirt brands in the Philippines.

My "ILabuyo" shirt features a silkscreen print, but I was informed by the team that a new kind of printing technique will be employed next year wherein the design will be printed directly on the garment. That is something definitely worth looking forward to!

Here's a quick tutorial on how to order and upload your own creations:

HOW IT WORKS (submitting your own design):

  • Visit
  • Click upload 
  • Create an account 
  • Upload your design 
  • Download our design pack (to see how your design would work with your color)
  • Pay and sit tight, twiddle your thumbs for a moment and wait for your order

HOW IT WORKS (buying a design):

If you're hard-pressed at finding that one special gift for your discerning special someone, why not give her/him a personally designed shirt? The Ink Squad also offers on-demand printing for only Php 490/shirt and they ship to anywhere in the Philippines. FYI, Shipping takes longer than usual (around 4-5 days) but it's FREE for Metro Manila residents and the customer service is pretty good. 

So crack your knuckles and start designing! I can't wait to buy more shirts!

For more information visit and like them on Facebook 

Disclosure: I work for Outsmark, a Social Media company that caters to The Ink Squad. My "ILabuyo" shirt was given free for review purposes.


  1. cute shirt!!:) i can't wait to wear my gummy bear one hehe

    1. Yeah! Yours is cute, too! And I think that Gummi Bear design is almost sold out, you're lucky you got one :)

  2. That shirt is so cute, I thought of ordering it, too! But mine still hasn't arrived yet. :( Inggit ako. When I do get mine, let's wear it on the same day (cos I'm cheesy like that, bakit ba :P )