Monday, December 24, 2012

Online Christmas shopping at

Online shopping has really played a huge part in accomplishing my Christmas shopping this year. One of the sites I regularly go to is They have quite an assortment of impressive gifts (for your loved ones or for yourself) that you have to practice a little bit of restraint when "window" shopping. If I had my way I'd splurge on the Papaya wallets and bags, but I decided to save my money and buy only necessary gifts.

These came in the mail a few days after purchase. Orders are thoughtfully wrapped in sturdy AVA boxes, and then wrapped again in another brown box. The AVA team really makes sure that your purchases are secure and will survive the long journey to your doorstep and arrive in pristine condition. 

First one I got is the Paper Watch from Suck UK, perfect for my DIY nephew. The paper watch is made from tear-free and water-resistant material, somewhat like laminated paper. 

The Paper Watch is only Php 495, folks, and I imagine anyone who loves customizing will have a ball decorating this. Such a conversation starter, wouldn't you agree? 

Then I also got the famous VoLo Non-Wallet, made of soft Italian leather and is one of the thinnest and non-bulkiest wallets in the world:

These go for Php 1,499 and are best for people who live a minimalist lifestyle. There's only room for cash and a few credit cards (no provision for coins), thin enough to slip into a breast pocket or jeans pocket. Such a pretty neat invention!

What other great finds have you discovered online? 

Disclosure: I am a regular contributor to AVAzine, the online magazine of My credits were used to purchase the aforementioned items. I was not paid to write this post. 


  1. I love the watch! Honestly, the AVA stockroom has a lot of creative gift ideas. I'm going to buy the 80s trivia game for some friends nga eh who are tanders like me hehe. Gusto ko rin nung watch! But I don't think it'll go with any of my outfits...pang errands lang siya. LOL.