Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Katsu Cravings: Visiting Yabu in Robinsons Magnolia

When was the last time I ate in Yabu? I asked myself one sunny morning. It's been 3 months, methinks. Time for another dose of Katsu.

And so a craving has been born. We scheduled a visit to this famous Katsu place at their new branch in Robinsons Magnolia. A lot of people have been raving about it (the mall and the Katsu) that we were more than excited to take a drive on a lazy Monday afternoon.

Yabu was located on the lower ground floor where the food court is. Odd right? But at least the restaurant is huge:

I love Yabu's potato & egg salad which is spiked with a teeny tiny bit of wasabi
Rosu Katsu
Oooh..somebody ate all their cabbage

Wow. Everything was so...filling! The Katsu, as usual, was so juicy and tender. And the best part about Yabu? The staff and Restaurant Manager will actually take the time to visit each table and explain the concept behind the restaurant and also answer questions. Talk about excellent customer service, I wish all restaurants took this extra step!

More photos of Robinsons Magnolia:

I love malls that aren't overcrowded, as such I will definitely go back to Robinsons Magnolia soon. Have you guys been to this mall?


  1. the hanging mannequin is a bit creepy for me...T___T~ Imagine if you are left alone and only dime lights is available, pede na pang-haunted house! lolz~ I haven't been there but it sure looks pretty wide and nice place to walk around ^_~

    1. Hi Janet! That's why I took photos of it because it seemed strange. It actually moves up and down, but yeah, it looked scary :P