Monday, November 5, 2012

Ear Candy: My Purple Accutone Earphones

I've learned that I am most productive while listening to music. I prefer zoning out at work and listening to my playlists while doing reports or typing away whatever task has been given to me. One of my most recent finds is the Accutone Aquarius Purple In-Ear Headset (Php 1,800) given to me for review by AVA Fashion.

Accutone is a brand known for producing professional headsets for call centers and they recently came out with these elegant jelly-colored earphones. Bored with basic black and white earphones? Then these pretty colored ones may just be the perfect one for you!

The package also includes 3 pairs of silicon earbuds (small, medium, large), Nokia phone adaptor and cable winder. I was hoping it would include a leather case or any case for that matter, but sadly it wasn't part of the package.

I use the smallest pair of earbuds, they fit snugly and am able to enjoy my choice of music in all its entirety without disturbance from outside noise such as my boss calling me or useless office chatter -- but I can however, still hear it when my officemates ask, "Where are we having lunch today?" Haha. I can vouch for its comfortability, too, it doesn't hurt even if I have it on for a full 8 hours at work (less lunch and breaks of course!).

my Accutones are housed in my old earphones case
Comparing Accutone to my Bloom Audio Technica earphones (without any changes to the equalizer), I noticed some slight bass and treble differences and some pitchiness in the former but nothing a little tweaking can't fix.

Added feature from Accutone: there's an easy rotary volume control plus a microphone housed underneath an aluminium grill. 

The Accutone Earphones are also multi-functional as they are pretty. You can use this for listening to music as well as answering phone calls, great for the multi-taskers out there who don't want to miss a beat (work or play) while on the go.

The Accutone Aquarius Purple In-Ear Headset come in several candy colors and are currently flying off the shelves on Click here to purchase.

Visit Accutone on Facebook, also available at Astrovision and Rustan's Dept Store.


  1. they look really cute! oh and just like you, i feel like i'm more productive with the plugs in my ears and listening to music while writing articles. sometimes i'd find myself singing a bit louder then my officemates would suddenly join me in singing. i'm like an accapela radio when i'm working. lol

    1. Haha, we silently "dance" in the office while seated naman :P

  2. i love the colors! they are cute! i like listening to music too whenever I'm at work :)

    1. It's the best way to concentrate and drown out useless noise :D

  3. Just got them today, and I work at Accutone. Found it funny.