Friday, November 23, 2012

Sample Room: Try Before You Buy!

For someone like me who has sensitive skin and who's pretty loyal to skin care products that work, product samples do have a *sneaky* way of creeping into my skin care routine.

Wouldn't it be great if we could sample products for free? I admit, I've purchased one product too many relying mostly on blogs and online reviews, only to experience nasty allergic reactions and breakouts. At the end of the day I'm stuck with an expensive full-sized bottle I want to dispose of and I'm left thinking of ways to get my money back! I'm sure, it has happened to all of us! How frustrating!

Sample Room, the first and only sampling site to hit Manila, aims to solve all these problems by offering samples we can patch-test and road-test for FREE!

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Sample Room is a sampling site that banks on the power of free product sampling. It is an online community that changes your beauty-shopping pattern; and an interactive community where your opinions matter and where all beauty lovers are valued. 

You don’t need to: 
- Take a risk at a full-sized product that may not work for you or may give you an allergic reaction 
- Rely on reviews alone that might not jive with your skin type (as you get to try the product yourself) 
- Waste money on a product that might not work for you. 

You will be able to: 
- Patch-test, and road-test the product you are interested in purchasing- if the product suits you and works well with your skin 
- Experience the product, and decide after finishing a sample size if the product is right for you - Read reviews from consumers who have the same skin type as yours 
- Enjoy your purchase, as it is a well-researched and well-informed purchase. Definitely value for your money!

How does it work?

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The gist is, points are immediately awarded to you once you register. These points can be likened to credits which will help you "purchase" samples for trial. At the end of the trial period (when the samples are used up), you just have to log back in and post your own honest review.

These reviews are important and helpful to the community especially for those who share the same skin concerns and skin type as you do. As a token  for your review, Sample Room will then award you new points which you can use to "purchase" more samples. Easy, right?

Plus more good news! Sample Room is launching very, very, very soon! In just a few more winks, as a matter of fact! In the meantime, please follow them via the social media platforms below and be one of the first to know about this very exciting venture!

Instagram: sampleroomph


  1. This is a fantastic idea! I'm not usually one who uses samples, but I remember I discovered Face Shop's Phytogenic make-up base that way, and I can't live without it now. :))


    1. I know right! Excited ako for Sample Room, so different from all the subscription boxes that are currently so popular in the Phils! :)

  2. I'm so waiting for this! Can't wait... :)