Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Photo Story: Quick Dinner at Cafe Mediterranean

Before watching "Breaking Dawn" (thanks Paul for the free tickets!) in SM Mall of Asia, my sister and I decided to have dinner in Cafe Mediterranean. I've blogged about it before (check this link) declaring that I am so in love with their garlic sauce.

On this particular day, however, they ran out of beef kebabs (sob!) and the waitstaff suggested trying their Beef Shawarma Rice saying that the taste is very similar to my beloved Beef Kebab Rice (and even Php 100 cheaper!). She even offered to include the same veggies but I declined. I was so okay with trying this dish on its own.

The dishes we happily devoured:

Pita Bread
Chicken Kebab Rice
Beef Kebab Rice
Actually, Cafe Mediterranean's Beef Shawarma Rice is really a good alternative to their Beef Kebab Rice. I think it's really because of their garlic sauce, whatever you dip in it (or smother it on) really tastes exceptional! Love the hummus also as it was very creamy, definitely filling even on its own!

Pannacotta with mangoes

So here's a happy photo of me *burp* This was taken 2 days after my digiperm, no shampooing yet just conditioner.

Where are you guys headed this long weekend? :)


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