Thursday, November 1, 2012

P-nut's First Halloween at The Appraisery

I took Pnut out to The Appraisery yesterday after work. I thought it would be a great opportunity for him to flaunt his costume and get some real exercise, too. It was an expensive trip (I had to cab to and from Annapolis) but Pnut enjoyed every bit of it!

I've tweeted and shared on Facebook that Pnut was so well-behaved yesterday, he was let loose inside the store and didn't bother anyone. He was shy at first but the artsy and chill interiors got to him, so much so that he let the customers pet him (I brought him to Tiendesitas before and he got overwhelmed with the noise and the crowd, he refused to walk and wanted to be carried). Yesterday, he was more than happy to hang out with the people at The Appraisery. If he was in "trouble", he would follow me around and stare at me with those pleading eyes. Awww....

my teeny tiny little man :)
"I own this joint!"

I took Pnut for a walk around Annapolis, too, and he liked it so much he kept tugging the leash and wanted to go farther. And oh, he also made a new friend -- the 4-month old Labrador from next door. Aaand he also left a little sumthin'-sumthin' on the nearby school's front lawn (tee-hee).

Everyone loved Pnut's costume! I think it's his most memorable (and funniest) costume to date! Methinks it's the white arms that stole the show!

Wednesday Addams and Goth Girl

Before heading home, Pnut changed back into his regular Captain America shirt which everyone thought was pretty cute, too. He didn't want to willingly leave yet, but Hannah pointed out that he was falling asleep while seated on my lap. Poor thing!

I really was so proud of my little man that I can't stop raving about it when I got home (til now, actually). He was on his best behavior and followed all my orders (no peeing, no gnawing, no barking and no pestering customers). He was like a little baby following Mommy everywhere -- even to the dressing room. Normally Pnut likes asserting himself and letting everyone know who's boss, but yesterday he was just being the good little Chi that he is. And while we were travelling on the way home, he just intently looked out the window and watched the cars drive by. *love* I can't wait to schedule another "field trip" for Pnut!

Hope everyone had an awesome Halloween! 
Where do you suggest we go next? :)


  1. Very cute little dog. Hi P-nut! :)

  2. I really thought it was worn like a bib!

    (that was after I thought he was standing on hind legs).

    P-nut, you tricked me... twice!