Thursday, November 22, 2012

Christmas Cards from the Association of Mouth & Foot Painting Artists, Inc.

My Christmas stash has arrived! Even in this digital age, my Mom still does not have Facebook and prefers to send Christmas greetings to our relatives abroad via cards. For the past 2 years, she's been purchasing cards, calendars and gift tags from the AMFPA or Association of Mouth & Foot Painting Artists, Inc.

The AMFPA is a group of handicapped men and women, who either through illness, accidents, or congenital disability have no use for their hands. They paint using their mouth or feet. Let me show you some of the stuff we received in the mail:

I am really impressed with the paintings (FYI, I cannot paint to save my life) and the "Little Angel" card is my favorite. Their rates are pretty affordable, too, about Php 455 for a set of 6 Christmas cards + envelopes, 3 gift cards and a pocket calendar. They accept personalized and bulk orders as well. 

To order you may contact 7114033/7123138/4133071, or visit their office at G/F Richstone Surgicare Center, 886 G. Araneta Avenue, 1113 Quezon City.


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