Monday, October 1, 2012

The Two Loves of My Life: P-nut and Komiki

P-nut is the first and only Chihuahua that I purchased with my own money. I was fresh out of college then and even though I wasn't looking for a pet at that time, our Vet decided to visit us and bring a box-full of puppies. Gaah, baby anythings are sooo irresistible! I carried him in my arms, he licked my finger and the rest is history. He has been my little man ever since.

The one thing that separates him from most Chihuahuas is his huge-ass apple head -- his head is so round that I've received numerous exclaims from family members and friends. There's baby P-nut in the photo above (far right) sleeping with his sister and brother.

Currently, he is 9 years old and dominates the sala and the second floor. Well, until this little bundle of joy arrived. Komiki is our 4-year old rescued Shih Tzu who likes to pester P-nut a whole lot (and P-nut will not admit it, but she is his best friend). My Dad spotted her in our neighbourhood pet shop while buying fish food. She was just in a cage, neglected and dirty. Dad asked is she was still for sale, and the owner said she just turned 6 months and couldn't sell her because of her hernia and mange. Dad gladly adopted her and brought her home. She looked like this:

She was so tiny and was scratching non-stop. We had her confined for a few weeks so the Vet can remove the hernia and heal her mange. The Vet said that she is also slightly blind in her right eye due to neglect, and because she was never groomed her hair might have irritated her eye. Up close, you'll notice a white circle similar to cataract.

When she was finally returned to us, she was so gregarious and so happy! She kept stealing our slippers and gnawing on things. We were overwhelmed, it's been a while since a puppy graced our humble abode.

A couple of years later, she looks like this (she is so artistahin):

Don't be fooled by that "look", she is not so behaved in real life *wink* And she knows how to wiggle her way out of tough situations, like the time when she was caught pink-handed.

We are huge animal lovers, my Papa used to have guinea hens, geese, ducks, turtles, seahorses, fishes, etc. at our ancestral house in Mindanao. Needless to say, I grew up with animals around me. Why, I even have hermit crabs at home (check out This is why whenever I watch/hear news about animals being neglected or maltreated, my heart bleeds. Adopting or buying a pet is a huge responsibility, it's like having kids! Once you have a pet, you should take care of it for life and treat it like a dear member of your family.

There are numerous advocacies and organizations that look out for the welfare of animals. In the Philippines we have CARA and PAWS who are staunch defenders of animal rights.

In the photos above I am wearing the SM Kids x PAWS shirt, not only do these fun designs express the joy of caring for the pet, but the proceeds from the sales of these shirts will directly fund many projects and shelters of PAWS. There are 18 designs to choose from and are all available at JusTees SM Department stores.

click to enlarge
In line with this, October is usually the month when all pets are blessed (for our Church, blessings are on October 4 and October 7), so bring your pets with you when you hear mass on those dates. Another thing, let's all celebrate World Animal Day at the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall on October 6, 2012.

Are you an animal lover, too? How many pets do you have? :)


  1. It's heartwarming that you adopted Komiki despite her condition then. Just imagine how difficult it would be for her to remain caged and untreated. :( Like your family, we treat dogs as our babies too. Regardless of their "kakulitan", their loyalty can never be gauged. :)

    1. Hi Eunice! Thank you. Sometimes I look at her and wonder if she would ever survive if we didn't adopt her. She's so lucky! But then again, we are the lucky ones because she gives us so much joy :)

  2. ~ our family loves dogs too, Kira - we have 4 big ones! we just kept 1 dog from each batch of puppies (homemade, hehe) that we had coz they were so many!

    First batch was 6, the next was 8! was so expensive din, coz the mommy couldnt produce milk anymore and we had to buy dog milk (aptly named Puppy Love) which was so expensive! :P we gave them away to friends who loved dogs as we did... but still, it broke my heart every time :P

    yeah, whenever i hear people maltreating pets in the news, it really angers me coz these pets dont do them harm! and i hope there will be stiffer penalties to those who maltreat these loyal friends God sent us :)

    1. Thanks Mills! I hope to meet you little ones someday. You're right, when we give away puppies we "screen" the would-be owners to make sure the puppies will go to loving homes :)

  3. Hi! I also wanted a dog but unfortunately we have already adopted 5 cats already! :) I guess I'm more of a cat lover. I pity those stray cats whenever I see them eating from the garbage and people maltreating them.

    New follower here! Nice blog... I'll try to get a shirt also :)


    1. Hi Elgee! Kudos to you for choosing to adopt instead of buying! I would love to have a cat next time, maybe in 10+ years after P-nut?

      My sister and I have rescued 2 stray kitties already (whenever we walk home and we hear meowing, we just can't turn a deaf ear) and we always give them to our friend, Cheq, who readily adopts stray cats. I believe she has 4 already, and her cat family is growing!

      Thank you so much for following my blog, I hope to hear from you again soon :)