Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Appraisery Lifestyle Hub: Fashion x Coffee

At the end of a stressful week, all I'd like to do is just to kick off my shoes and relax with friends. The Appraisery, a hip new concept store located along Annapolis street, is the perfect respite from the hustle and bustle of Makati's CBD (where I hold office, FYI).

There is a homey and welcoming feel upon entering, and it helps that the owners are very friendly and hands-on with the business. You are encouraged to explore, sit on the cushy couch, feel and try on the clothes and listen to good music. You will never feel rushed here.

The Appraisery offers delicious coffee concoctions, desserts and unique sandwich creations, plus new and pre-loved clothing and accessories. Headed by Victor Prieto, a barista by profession, he hails from the US and personally made me their secret "Kumbaya" drink (more on this below). It is so secret so you have to ask for since it is not on the menu :D

How it works

The Appraisery first and foremost aims to "recycle" clothing. As Victor puts it, "Our clothing is by the community, for the community. Why let it rot in your closet when they can be in someone else’s?" Now before you dismiss The Appraisery as just another thrift store, you should know that this store offers several exchange methods -- buy, sell, trade (see graphic below):

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What makes The Appraisery unique and unlike the usual thrift stores, vintage shops, and “ukay ukays”, is that our clothing and accessories are bought, sold and traded locally with store customers (hence, the buy – sell – trade mantra). 

Bring in your former favorites for trade or cash on the spot. You can choose to take 20% of that price in cash, or 40% of the price in store credit, and you don’t have to wait until the items sell (like in typical consignment stores). We give you cash or store credit as soon as we price your items [it's cash in a flash, so do the math…we even gave our items a bath]. 

Store credit works like a gift card. You’ll get a voucher that you can use at our Annapolis flagship store. Just so you know, it never expires! You can keep using it until you’ve spent it all. We are working uber hard on trying to get store credit vouchers to work for purchases at The Appraisery-Online store. Please bear with us while we try and go all “Neo” and enter the Matrix to get this working (all while staying away from the blue pill).

Not-so-typical North Western Cafe

Aside from offering an assortment of clothes, novelty items and collectibles, The Appraisery is also a cafe. I mentioned above that I tried the popular Kumbaya Iced Goodness (Php 120) which is a coffee-based drink laden with caramel, white chocolate nuts, graham bits and more. Twas truly delish! Trust me, you'll love it!

I also tried their other bestseller, The App's Oregon Tuna Melt (Php 180) made with a generous helping of mustard and tuna (of course!) plus chunks of mozzarella cheese. My cousin, Paolo Pacheco, works as the chef there and was nice enough to allow me to photograph him while making it:

I just came from the SM Kids fashion show at PFW and was famished!

The Appraisery is definitely a one-stop shop for all your relaxation + fashion needs! Why, you can even hang out here and play board games. I kid you not, these guys are serious about their boards:

They're set to have their "grand launch" in November, for now let me share with you more photos from yesterday's visit:

you can even sell your photographs here!
with Hannah Kim
I would definitely come back soon to hangout and try more of their sandwiches! Plus I really want one more tall glass of that Kumbaya drink! 

Psst, you wanna join us for Horror Movie Nights next week?

The Appraisery is located at #8 Annapolis Street Greenhills, 1500 San Juan, Philippines
Tel. number: 661 6154 


  1. looks awesome!:) the clothes look fab and food sooo good!:)

    1. Hey Ava! Hope you can drop by The App soon :)