Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Stripped, New York Style!

Hair waxing and vanilla cupcakes? What's the connection? Well, in celebration of the brand's 10th year anniversary, Strip recently released their newest wax variant that's beaming with New York pride -- the New York Vanilla Cupcake Wax.

With the yummy fragrance of vanilla, this wax is said to rival the crowd favorite chocolate wax. In true Strip style, their new New York Vanilla Cupcake Wax effectively grabs hair (even as short as 1mm!) and yet is totally gentle on skin.

A few weeks ago I was given the privilege to try Strip's newest New York Vanilla Cupcake wax. I've always been a fan of their sister, Browhaus, and Strip has always been known to offer "painless" brazilians (if there is such as thing) that I immediately jumped and said yes. It's been a while since I've been fuzz-free, so I felt a bit of a noob about the whole brazilian waxing thing (FYI: I used to self-wax, I have high tolerance for pain apparently). Good thing the people at Strip Greenbelt, especially my Striperella April, were very friendly and accommodating.

Strip prides itself in finishing a brazilian procedure in 15 minutes (give or take depending on the client's pain threshold), and they are sticklers for hygiene. Before the procedure begins, you will have to wait a while as your Striperella will have to prep and disinfect the room. They will also hand you a small wet towelette so you can disinfect and clean the area to be waxed. And all throughout the stripping, they always wear gloves and use several spatulas -- they never double dip!

Aside from the New York Vanilla Cupcake Wax, Strip offers several other waxes for different needs and skin types:

Strawberry wax - a soft wax ideal for sensitive skin and wax virgins
Berry Chocolate wax - a hard wax that immediately coats and grips the hair
Lavender wax - does not harden and needs a cloth strip for hair removal

Now I bet you're curious to know how the brazilian session went. Well, let me tell you that with Strip's unique wax of stripping/pulling the hair, the pain was considerably less. Of course there is still wincing in between, but the pain wasn't as much as the pain I experienced at Lay Bare. It is more expensive at Php 1,200 (vs Php 500 for Lay Bare), but then again you shouldn't trust your nether regions to just anyone. I was so impressed with how hygienic and meticulous the whole process (and April) was that my vote for brazilian waxing goes to Strip! Plus, you'll smell of vanillas after :)

Are you excited to try Strip's new New York Vanilla Cupcake Wax? 

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Disclosure: Strip Manila is under ARC Public Relations, the sister company of Outsmark where I work as an Online Relationship Manager. 


  1. The staff are called Striperellas? So catchy!

    I've never tried a Brazilian; reading your post gives me a clearer take on how this procedure is actually done :)

    And they have such cool names for the wax types! You can always ask your gal pal to get an "NY Vanilla Cupcake" with you without letting the whole world know you're both getting stripped down there.

    1. Hi Argie! How are you? :)

      Yeah try it even once, it's a very liberating feeling to be hair-free down there :)