Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Quick Birthday Makeup by Shu Uemura

Before my birthday dinner, I stopped by Shu Uemura Trinoma and asked my one of my fave MUAs, Mitchell, to apply some eye makeup and make me look pretteh. I specifically said no heavy makeup as I didn't want to look too made up (I really don't wear heavy makeup in real life, FYI). Well, he decided to give me a fresh 15-minute makeover anyway --- which I thoroughly loved by the way.

Let's look at the transformation, shall we?

Mitchell applied several stripes of the cream stick foundation and blended it well using a wedge sponge and a brush. The cream foundation brightened my overall complexion and covered redness, spots and blemishes. 

Using the palette above, he applied purple eyeshadow to my lids.

He added a bit of highlighter to accentuate the brows. PS: He did not retouch my brow pencil, that's still from this morning's application. See how long-lasting the Shu Uemura Hard Eyebrow Pencil is?

Mitchell used the same shadow to line my eyes, curled my lashes using the famous Shu Uemura curler and applied mascara. I was so surprised the mascara + eyeliner combo did not run at all! I was so concerned my oily skin will ruin the makeover and give me raccoon eyes come dinnertime, but it didn't! It stayed put the whole night!

He then ended by applying gloss over my Estee Lauder Pink Lolita lippie. So there you have it, my quick 15-minute makeover! I look so fresh and well, the entire thing looked so easy to replicate at home. Mitchell, btw, is also the only person who can properly sharpen my Shu Uemura Hard Eyebrow Pencil.

Thank you so much, Mitchell, for the wonderful makeover! :D


  1. Belated Happy 'Forever Young At Heart' Day! :)

    P.S. I smiled when you were able to relate to my "The Land Before Time" memories. Same generation!

  2. a very nice make up ms.kira.
    new follower on your blog .^_^

    just me,