Monday, October 8, 2012

Birthday Lunch at Ma Maison with Ms. Lapa

Every year, I would just choose to exclusively celebrate my birthday with my family and loved ones. But since this year is special, I decided to allot 2 days for my birthday dinner and a few days out of the country. I wanted to be as preoccupied and busy as possible. After all, birthdays are a blur and it could be over before you know it. And yes, you only turn 31 once.

Now since Alex couldn't come to my birthday dinner (why oh why does the "X Factor Phils." finals have to be on my birthday??), she treated me to a special lunch in Ma Maison (plus showed me a tweet from my namesake).

It being my first time at Ma Maison, I really took the time to admire the interiors. Ma Maison offers an interesting fusion of Japanese and Western dishes. The place was quiet, homey and I really fancied the antique decors. The only downside was the music was too chill, but then again this isn't a hip, modern place to begin with.

I almost took forever to order and then settled for their bestseller -- katsu!

Alex warned me, "It's not like Yabu, Kira." But you know what, it tastes pretty good, too! The next time I'm in Makati and craving for katsu, I would totally go to Ma Maison -- it is after all, part of the "Where to Eat Katsu in Manila" list :)

After satisfying our cravings, Alex handed my gifts (yay!) together with a journal where she adamantly said, "Do not use this as your work notebook, Kira! Use this to document your new adventures!" What a very thoughtful thing to say...knowing that I love notebooks and that I really might use this for work. Haha, but I shall resist!

And then she starts writing on the notebook....

...and I start taking vanity shots! Ha! I think we are not on the same wavelength here, Alex.

After that, it's time for dessert! We chose the Mochi Ala Mode (Japanese glutinous balls stuffed with green tea and served with vanilla ice cream):

The Mochi ice cream mixed with the strawberry syrup was soo good I ate more than half of the entire thing! And you know what, because it was my birthday Ma Maison gave the Mochi Ala Mode to me as a gift! Yay, thank you Ma Maison!

In short, nakalibre si Alex ng dessert, haha!

After that memorable hearty lunch, we trooped to the cinema area to watch "Taken 2". But not before taking lots of photos near the Spanish movie posters:

I've always been so insecure about my teeth....thanks to this photo it's now public
Kuya, stop smelling me...

Thank you Alex for this wonderful lunch treat! I promise to do the same on your birthday, haha :)


  1. My birthday is so far pa! Haha! I'm glad you enjoyed. We should drop by Yabu again with Lauren and have a night out as promised. Also, okay na nga to use the notebook for work basta make it sound more exciting than it actually is, sayang naman ang inspirational cover. :P You will go to the south soon ha! Chill out tayo dun and you will finally meet Kirara.

    1. I will! Meeting Kirara merits another blog post! :)