Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Mane Event: JuRo Salon Exclusif

In a perfect world where glamorous hair abound, there wouldn't be any bad hair days, flyaways, botched dye jobs and uneven cuts. My hair has been chemically-treated since last year and would you believe, my last haircut was 9 months ago. I say, my hair has been crying for attention. It's frizzy, dry and the color has faded.

And what was stopping me from getting a well-deserved hair cut? I was honestly scared that I might lose my curls and my Php 3,500 (for the digiperm) would just go down the drain. I wanted someone who knows how to cut hair. Nay, I needed someone with skillz.

Magically, the heavens answered and an invite from ARC Public Relations landed on my lap. I was invited to try out JuRo Salon Exclusif. I've heard of Jude Hipolito though I've never met him. I knew that he was THE precision hair cutter who mentored all the renowned hairstylists in the country. Needless to say, I was more than excited to meet the master.

The Dynamic Duo: Jude & Rose
A graduate of the Vidal Sassoon Academy in Santa Monica, California, Jude does what is called precision cutting, a systematic haircutting method developed by Sassoon in the 1960s. A precision hair cut works with the client’s face shape, head shape, and hair quality, then uses precise angles to create a balanced cut that falls beautifully into place. Each layer is carefully structured, and not a single strand is longer than it should be.
The first thing Jude told us when we visited was, "Have you ever had your hair cut standing up?" Okay, that was surprising. But then he went on to explain that for people with long hair, it is absolutely necessary to cut hair while the client is standing for perfect symmetry. Yes folks, Jude takes precision cutting verrry seriously.
“If you’re seated, I can’t see where your hair really falls because you could be slouching or crossing your legs,” he explains.
He examined my hair and I asked a gazillion questions (clearly I was a bit reluctant): "What if I lose my curls?" "Sayang naman the length, I plan to have my hair permed again soon." "I want wash and wear hair, can you do it?"

To which he lovingly quipped, "Clearly you have not done your research. Don't worry about anything, your hair will be better than ever."

At that point I just shut up and let Jude do his magic. He went on to discuss that a "perm" is permanent, and therefore I shouldn't be concerned about having my hair re-permed soon (I really was intent on having it done sometime this month, but I'm glad I had this consultation with Jude first). He also assured me that he'll shape my hair so that it will grow better over time and the curls will last longer.

Jude is a perfectionist and a precision-cutter through and through. This means that whatever chunk of hair he picks up, they should all be relatively the same length.

As my hair was so dry, Jude also snipped off frizz and lessened the bulk. After the shaping, Rose Velasco took the reigns and discussed color with me.
With years spent as a trainer and technical consultant for several major coloring companies, Rose has developed a keen eye for color. She gauges the client’s existing hues and skin tone before whipping up a batch of pigments that takes a few years off their faces and makes their personalities shine. “Not all colorists examine how the client’s desired shade will look against their skin,” Rose points out. “I create custom colors designed to flatter and make the skin glow.” 
“I have an eye for color,” Rose says. “A lot of hairstylists can color, but not all can create a balanced mixture of tones that flatters a haircut and fades well.”

She commented that my hair's color already faded and looked too blah now (I have an obvious demarcation line already which I call my faux ombre, haha). Rose suggested a richer overall color plus strategic highlights and lowlights for added dimension.

Rose and Jude are true professionals, they personally cut and color each client and talk to you like you're old friends. Why, they even checked out my blog and knew off the bat what I needed prior to my visit. They are also very generous with hair tips, as seen in the photo above, Rose can't help but teach me how to ensure that my hair color will last me months. She recommended Pureology, a line that specifically caters to color-treated hair. I shall review this shampoo & conditioner in a future post.

Martha with Jude & Rose's daughter, little Sophia

After the color has set, my hair was rinsed then dried using a diffuser. I prefer letting it dry naturally but I I was running late for a wedding and I wanted dry curls stat.

I didn't bring my Foxy Curls so my hair was styled with a little mousse instead. I'm so happy to report that with my new cut my curls were enhanced! Jude Hipolito saved my hair, as such I can hold off getting a perm until next year or until my permed ends are snipped off. Yay!

back view of the curls
notice the highlights and lowlights?
A cut by Jude Hipolito costs Php 6,500, color by Rose Velasco is Php 3,500 and a digiperm/ombre service is Php 7,000. Expensive? Yes, but bear in mind that Jude is an expert and his cuts (as shared by his A-list clientèle) will last you 6 months or more, and your color by Rose is guaranteed to fade gracefully. Rest assured that when you leave the salon, your cut and color is perfect for your hair type, skin tone and lifestyle. A week later, my cut is still pretty good, the ombre color is now more evident and the curls are better than ever.

I am so happy with the service I really wouldn't mind coming back for a little retouch in the future. I would have to hold off on my Nano peels  in order to afford everything I want to have done, but the fact that he extended the life of my perm is proof itself that Jude and Rose are keepers in my book :)

Interested to try out JURO Salon Exclusif?
They are located at Kensington Place
Unit #2D, 1st Avenue corner 29th Street (near Burgos Circle), 
Crescent Park West, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City. 

The salon is open on Mondays to Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., by appointment only. 
Book an appointment by calling 822-5673.


  1. Hi Kira,

    Just curious- the haircut... really only includes a haircut? (6.5k?)

    1. Hi whimsicalchild! Yes, his cuts are Php 6,500. What Jude does is he lays the foundation for your hair so it grows better over time, hence you don't need to have your hair cut every so often. He studies the growth of your hair, where it falls, etc. You really pay for the service and the science behind the cut. Think of it as an investment ;)

  2. that is so EXPENSIVE! i can't afford a haircut like that, hihi...

    1. Hi Issa! I agree, it is expensive and I imagine students or those on a budget may not be able to afford this kind of haircut. Anyway, it is definitely something to consider when you want to go all out and pamper your crowning glory ;)

  3. Whoa! 6.5k for a haircut?! Unless I'm being paid for my looks, that is definitely not an investment :(

    1. Hi Jill! I agree, the price is not for everyone. Initially namahalan din ako and as per my experience above, I was very hesitant to have my hair cut kasi I've had bad experiences in the past.

      It's worth mentioning that when I went to a high-end salon in a hotel in Makati, the owner-slash-stylist boasted of his "precision cutting" skills. My hair was great after the cut, but when I washed my hair the next day, it became unruly and tikwas. The same stylist also "accidentally" bleached a part of Alex's hair because he was careless enough to forget about the time and went out for a smoke. So sayang lang :(

      But in fairness to Jude, the differences in his hair cuts are best shown by Sarah and Krissy in their posts because they have short hair -- the before and afters are more obvious. I say, if you've been burned by other hairstylists or you have a love-hate relationship with your hair, you may want to consider JuRo :)

  4. wahh!!:) i can't wait to experience this!:) though my hair isn't really that long, but it needs help! hehe :)

  5. Naku I have super short hair na hahaha Parang over if I spend 6k hahaha Mas mahal pa sa perm ko before lol


  6. Been hopping blogs for juro, would you know their package rates for cut and color?

    I've been doing the math, and if I'd have to visit them only once or twice a year, the cost seems reasonable. People actually spend that much for perms/rebond service.

    Ugh, I hate how I rationalize my spending.

    1. Hi, Rae! I don't have their package rates but you might want to call them at 822-5673 :) Let me know how your cut/color goes :)

  7. My goodness, the haircut is almost the same as the monthly amortization of our house! Hahaha. And considering that my hair is so short, baka magpashave/kalbo na lang ako para masulit yung P6,500 na haircut.

    I think your cut was great, though. Sulit na sulit.

    One day, if I become an artista, I'll try this. :)