Saturday, September 29, 2012

Stand Out with Lolita Fragrances

Myrtle Sarrosa, of Pinoy Big Brother fame, is the new face of Lolita fragrances. A true embodiment of the Lolita girl, the 17-year-old cosplayer with her wit and charming personality, go hand-in-hand with the many playful sides she is known for.

There is a Lolita scent for Myrtle’s every whim: audaciously floral with CALI, fresh and breezy with FANTASY, delicately warm with CHICK, tutti frutti with FAIRY, flirty femme with ROUGE, and simply saccharine with her favorite, COSPINK!

The Lolita line of fragrances is the newest treat from Beauty Elements Ventures Inc. (BEVi) that is sure to capture the hearts of young girls everywhere. With irresistible scents varying from floral to fruity and everything in between, there is a Lolita for every kind of girl and every kind of personality. Lolita spray colognes come in fun, handy bottles that are color-coded for each different scent – just a few sprays and you have standout fragrance all day long!

When I got home from the launch last week, I immediately sniffed each scent and (after a week of deliberation, haha) I deem Fairy as my favorite. It features a yummy cotton candy-inspired fragrance, it's the second bottle from the right in the photo above.

Each is retailed at only Php 96, so affordable you can hoard all and give them as gifts for Christmas. And this is how I stand out: 

Love my green hair? :)
Lolita is available in all Watsons, Mercury Drug, Robinsons Supermarket and Department Stores nationwide.

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  1. Aww the ad is so cute. It's really employing how lolita's stand out. :) I havent seen these yet but maybe I'll give them a whiff as I'm curious what scents they came up with. My only downside comment to it is the packaging. Lolitas are known for enjoying extravagance and intricacies and the packaging didn't do it for me. Oh well, at least it's affordable :D

  2. Hi Kumiko! I guess with the price points, they had to cut down on the packaging design. Wish it was prettier tho ;)

  3. Cute!!! nice posts! I'm a fan! I gave you an award here --->